Mountain View News Term 1 week 2 2021

Principal's Message

Mr Irwin Steyn - College Principal

Greetings from the Principal’s desk. I am very excited to part of the Mountain View Adventist College story for 2021 and beyond. I shared with the students yesterday in our opening convocation chapel the line from the Australia day advertisement, 'We are all part of the story'. I connected my life journey as an educator and how Mountain View Adventist College is now part of my story. The students were asked to make a commitment to making their story at Mountain View Adventist College a great one even though there will be highs and lows. I must commend the staff and leaders before me for building the story of this fine institution. The initiatives such as project-based learning, the focus on numeracy and literacy and wellbeing programs of last year will be continued and built upon so that they become embedded into our school culture and programs.

Your support as parents and guardians will be invaluable as we move into the 2021 school year and I look forward to getting to know you as you do me. Most importantly, we as a community need to make God the centre of who we are so that all who are connected with Mountain View Adventist College will come into the knowledge of Jesus as well as a saving relationship with Him.


Mr Irwin Steyn


Chaplain's Message

Greetings from the Mountain View chaplaincy team.

The year has started well and we have been blessed to see our students back from their break as well as meet new students joining us for the first time this year. We are looking forward to serving our students and our families through quality education and the spiritual values and principles that make us proud to belong to the Mountain View family.

Each year our students brainstorm, dream up and envision our spiritual theme for the year. This year our theme is titled “Conquerors”. It is a very significant theme as 2020 was one of the toughest years we have all faced. But we made it through. It may have felt like a slow crawl to the finish line but we made it and we give thanks to God for giving us the strength, perseverance, resilience and hope that allowed us to say good-bye to 2020 and welcome 2021 with expectations of victory and success in our personal, academic and spiritual lives.

We believe that this year, whether it’s the same as 2020 with its restrictions and challenges, will be a year that we will not only survive but rather conquer because of the God we serve and the love he lavishes on us each day. This was the message given to our students and staff at our Convocation chapel (COVID-safe style) that took place on February 3rd. Each year we begin the year with our Convocation chapel where our Heads of School, Chaplains and Principal address our students and staff and share with them the spiritual vision and theme for our year and encourage them to know that with God leading us we are heading in the right direction to a successful year.

During this time we also had the opportunity to acknowledge some of our 2020 HSC students that excelled and received band 6’s in various subjects. We are proud of the achievements of our past students and the example they are to those still at our college. They are a testimony to what our students can achieve despite the rollercoaster that was 2020 and we wish them all the best as they prepare to tackle tertiary education or employment. We know that they will also continue to conquer at the University level or workplace in 2021. We ask you all to keep our college in your prayers just as we keep all of your families in our prayers so that together 2021 can be our best year yet!

Blessings from the Mountain View Chaplains

Riley, Kelica and Aambr with Pr Soman, Pr Raul and Pr Terrance
Convocation Chapel

Welcome Back to 2021!!

Welcome back to our students and staff for 2021! We look forward to a great year at Mountain View with you all.

Kindy's First Day

Friday 29 January was the start of Kindergarten. We started the morning by reading a story about a new student that was nervous about starting Kindy. He was unsure on what to expect and what he needed to bring.

After the story, the students got to meet their class teacher as well as their new fellow classmates.

There were a few tears, and they were not from the children, but I know that by the end of the day the children and parents were glad to be reunited and hear all about the first day in Kindergarten.

We welcome all our new students and parents to Mountain View Adventist College.

To our current students and families, we wish you all a great 2021 and we look forward to working with you all this year.

New Teacher Introduction

Introducing Mrs Sara Kozman - 2K

Mrs Sara Kozman

My first week at Mountain View has been exciting. I have been getting to know my enthusiastic class who has made me smile each day. I really look forward to having a great 2021 as we get to know each other.


Connect Time

This year as part of the Wellbeing Framework and programs at Mountain View, we are launching Connect Time in Prep to Yr 12. Students will spend dedicated time each Friday morning with their Connect Teacher discussing topics relevant to their year level. Topics such as, resilience, friendship, organisation, stress management and career planning. This week we start looking at the school values; RESPECT, INTEGRITY, COMPASSION AND INITITAVE.

Positive Behaviour for Learning

As a school we aim to remain focused on the positive acknowledgement of the desired behaviour and attitudes (Respect, Integrity, Compassion & Initiative) in our students. We use commendations which has allocated points and other incentives to reward students and provide encouragement.


Students will receive points in SEQTA for displaying the school values.

Points are awarded on a +2, +5 and +10 for positive, outstanding and consistent behaviour an all areas of school. Students will then receive an award when they reach the different tiers of Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Minor infractions are managed in the situation by the teacher, possible consequences for minor infractions: Clean up duty, student moved to another area, separation, time out/cool down, detention, parent contact: email/letter/phone call, points deducted.

Major Infractions are to be referred to the Wellbeing and Behaviour Coordinator. All major infractions are recorded via school system. Consequences will be determined by the Wellbeing and Behaviour Coordinator. Possible consequences that may be enacted for a major infraction: Restorative Justice, apology, restitution, lunch time detention, letter email to parents, parent meeting, Individual Behaviour Plan (IBP), involvement of support staff, suspension.

Year 7 Transitioning Day

Year 7 started the year transitioning into High School. Workshops including; organisation, how to read the timetable, how to use SEQTA (in school education software), Peer support connections and many other things that can make High School scary and fun! We hope that students felt better prepared for Year 7.

If you as a Yr 7 parent have any questions, please feel free to contact me or contact your child's Connect Teacher.

Mrs Jensen

Meet the Teachers

Save the date to meet the teachers! We are planning a Meet the Teachers evening on Monday 22 February 2021. Light refreshments will be available from 6pm with the program starting at 6:30pm 7:30pm. This of course will be pending COVID-19 restrictions that will be in place at that time. More details of this event will be forthcoming nearer the date.


Swimming Carnival

Hi, my name is Matthew Jensen I am Year 7-12 Sports Coordinator at Mountain View. I am looking forward to creating memorable moments for our school in 2021 and working with you to be a part of this.

This is an invitation for students in Yr 2-12 who are competitive swimmers and would like to compete at Zone Swimming Carnival this year. There are strict qualifying times for all events at this level and students will need to meet these times to be competitive at this level.

Please contact me via email with your child’s name and stroke/strokes events by Wednesday the 10th February.

Primary School Swimming Lessons

Years 1 to 4 will be commencing swimming lessons on Tuesday 2nd March 2021. Lessons will run on Tuesday and Thursdays during weeks 6 to 9. There will be no swimming lessons in week 7 due to the College's Week of Worship.

Years 5 & 6 will commence swimming lessons on Friday 19th February 2021. These lessons will run on Fridays during weeks 4 to 9.

Please be sure to return swimming notes to your classroom teacher and remember to bring swimmers, towel, thongs, goggles and swimming cap on your swimming lesson days.

Student Vaccinations

Music Lessons