from Stockport C.i.C.C. & Youth Council It was 'International Day for Biological Diversity' last Friday and this newsletter has information about how young people can get involved in exploring the natural world.

There will be a Children in Care Council session this Thursday at 4:00pm. If a young person of high school age would like to join the session, please contact Steve Davies (07800 618 706). Steve will need an email address to send a Microsoft Teams Meeting invite to.

This week there will be a quiz and there will be a amazon voucher prize for the winner and runner-up.

Stockport Youth Council are taking part in a project called 'P.O.S.H Bites'. The work they do will be published on a new website and the resources will be available for other people to use. You can see what is involved in the images below.


If you want to get involved with the 'P.O.S.H Bites' project or anything else that the youth council do, the details are below.

For anyone who wants to discover and explore nature there is 'The John Muir Award', which is free to take part in.

More details can be found at:



Plastic Shed is a social enterprise in Stockport. The mission is to re-use plastic rather then throw it away. On the website you can find out how to make wallets and jewellery from plastic bags.

These four birds have flown from sub-Sahara Africa to spend the summer in this country. All four can be spotted in Stockport.

Clockwise from top left: House Martin, Sand Martin, Swallow, Swift

Creative Spaces, Manchester have put together a 10 week art challenge. You can go back and do the first weeks. Each new session is published on Monday.


And finally....

Venus & Mercury are both visible in the west about an hour after sunset.