Jimmy's Handkercheif The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk - Thornton W. Burgess

“I guess it’s a good thing that Old Mother Nature didn’t make us all alike,” said he to himself. “I think there must be something the matter with their noses, and I suppose they think there is something the matter with mine. But there isn’t. Not a thing.

The Adventures of Jimmy Skunk

How to make - Mitered Corners

We’ve done some of the work for you so you can get a quick start listening to the book. If you’d like to complete one from scratch we included extra fabric for a second handkerchief later.

  1. Grab the large cloth with the pinned corners. Using the backstitch ( see video below for help ) sew along the line making sure to double stitch on both ends and make is secure.
  2. Snip off the tip. ( fig. d. ) Turn the corner right side out and press.
  1. Tuck the smaller square of fabric inside the back of your handkerchief, trim if necessary so that it lies flat and edges are hidden under the mitered hem.
  2. Pin it securely. Use the running stitch to secure.

Starting the mitered corner from scratch.

  1. Iron all four edges over by .25 inch. Using spray starch or a water bottle will help you get a crisp edge. Now fold all edges over by .5 inch and iron again.
  2. Open the corners up to the first fold.
  3. Measure twice the hem down each side and mark. That would be 1 inch in this case.
  4. Draw a line across the from point to point.
  5. Bring right sides together and pin.
  6. Now you’re ready to sew the mitered corners just like above.

YOU did IT!!

What else can you make with these skills? Do you feel confident making a mitered corner and using the running stitch and backstitch?? We'd LOVE to see what else you create!

Share pictures of your creations - finishedcrafts@handmeacraft.com

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