The Boscastle flood Facts & information about the boscastle flood

This was the Boscastle river before the flood.

The Boscastle flood happened in 2004 august 16. The flood was created because Boscastle got a month's worth of rain in 2-3 hours. Luckily nobody died but somebody had broken there wrist and 25 business buildings where destroyed Boscastle has three river valency,paradise and jordan the flood formed in the river valency and the flood was a flash flood. A flash flood is a flood that happens in the space or 2-4 hours. 60mm of rain fell that day fell in 2-3hours on already saturated land. 50 buildings were damaged 4 foot bridges washed away pavements and gardens damaged by weight of water and all the roads were blocked so helicopters had to save people. Burt sewage left boscastle inaccessible for a few days they completed their defence system in 2008.

This is a video that was recorded at the time of the Boscastle flood that occurred in 2004 august the 16.


Created with images by Bob Linsdell - "Boscastle Harbour, Cornwall (461066)" • exfordy - "Boscastle"

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