TTT engagement and outreach efforts involve not only to our external stakeholders but also internally with our colleagues. On 25 April, TTT welcomed Valerie to their weekly meetings with her expertise, drafted the workplan of EnO from 2017 to 2018.

With the workplan, which revealed a packed year of events and activities, resources could be deployed more strategically and effectively.

Working our EnO Workplan

A meeting was arranged with Victor Go from OCS on 11 May to discuss on collaborative opportunities for the Student-Alumni Engagement, headed by our very own Vincent.

Jeanine was also invited to the meeting to explore more pathways for the Professional Development programmes.

Great ideas comes from lunching together

Here is a glimpse of the Engagement and Outreach events calendar.

The 1st draft and growing



The alumni of SMU Samba Masala met together on Saturday 22 April to discuss and confirm their plans leading up to the official formation of the Alumni Group. A total of 22 alumni and 5 current students were present to contribute their ideas.

Some Alumni names were suggested. SMU ALUNOS, SAMBA KAKI, SAMBA IN THE CITY, SAMBA DIVISION, SAMBASSADORS. Stay tune and find out when they official launch.

Catching up with alumni from the SMU Career Champions group!
(L to R) Vincent Tan, Ho Si Min, Lionel Tan and Yan Yan at B3 Bistro

A meeting was arranged with the core alumni of the Career Champions to discuss on the constitution matters. During the meeting, the group discussed on the vision, mission and events if the group is formed successfully. The team is positive and appreciative that OAR and SMUAA are willing to support such initiatives to connect the alumni with the school. At the moment, they are hoping to complete the charter by end June, and launch as an official AG in September 2017.

Meet the SMU Caretalyst alumni and current presidents/exco.
Picture (L to R) Enoch Seet, SOSS 2012, SMU Caretalyst Pioneer EXCO Member; Ryan Pang, LKCSB 2015, SMU Caretalyst President (2013-14) Neo Yi Ren, SOA 2019, current SMU Caretalyst President (2017-18) Yue Ting, LKCSB 2019, current SMU Caretalyst Honorary Secretary Andy Ang, LKCSB 2018, SMU Caretalyst President (2016-17

A meeting was arranged with the past and current EXCO of the SMU Caretalyst group to update on the feasibility and developments of officialising themselves as an AG. The team concluded that they hope to use the upcoming “SMU Caretalyst Connect” event in September as a “Homecoming” event to gather back their alumni and pitch the idea of forming the group to them. Once done, they will confirm the AG EXCO and targets to launch the group in Jan 2018.

Setting up a new Diving AG together with C4SR

Coincidentally, while having coffee at B3, Cous invited us to join him with Pam Wan (C4SR) and Keith Leow, ex-President of SMU Diving Club and graduating student, to discuss on the possibility having an alumni-student night for Reed Alert, an OCSP project, and the club's alumni. Jason and Vincent took the opportunity to introduce the possibility of forming an official AG instead to tap into more resources and support from OAR/SMUAA. The discussion went very positive and Keith will take the opportunity to discuss with his club's alumni in forming the AG.

SSU Interactive Night Meeting

A meeting was arranged with Duncan Koh, current president of SSU, to discuss on the upcoming Interaction Night taking place in August 2017. The idea of building a strong community among our alumni was pitched to Duncan. With 35 clubs under SSU, we agreed that this should target an attendance ratio of 1 student to 2-3 alumni per club, adding up to a total of 105 to 140 people. The event timeline and objectives will be decided within the next 2 weeks after Duncan completes and concludes his discussion with his SSU EXCO. The event is confirmed to take place on Thursday, 17 August 2017.


An invite to Andrew's home for an SMUAA and OAR get-together Makan Lunch on 13 May @12 Noon. ITs time to know our Alumni Association excos


  • 0900 - Arrival of SMUAA
  • 0930 - SMUAA data , finance and updates
  • 1000 - SMUAA goals and directions (Prof Low arrive at 11am)
  • 1130 - A.O.B
  • 1200 - Lunch and mingle with OAR (Popiah and Ball-Ball Curry)
  • 1400 - End


What is the progress of Basement???

We are making process on Basement. Here is an update of the timeline tasks:

  • Come out with 1st draft design layout (DONE)
  • Meet with OCIS to get their endorsement and comments (DONE)
  • SMUAA and OAR to agree on new simplified layout after meeting OCIS (DONE)
  • Clear new layout with Haslinda from OCIS (DONE)
  • Meet with SMUSA and OSL to set up hand over date and checklist. Namely to remove 2 Pool table and SMUSA furnitures - (DONE)
  • Meet up with Alumni Brandon Heng to get a 2nd choice with new design (Done)
  • OCIS to arrange for MC contractor inspection on Basement (DONE)
  • To come out a draft design layout presentation - (DONE)
  • Present new propose design to OCIS - (DONE)
  • Await OCIS endorsement and funding with new design - 2nd week May
  • To finalize and confirm layout and design - 3rd - End May
  • To source for comparison quotes with OCIS - 3rd - End May
  • To clear furniture and Pool tables - End May
  • To take over Basement from SMUSA. - End May
  • To offer and start renovation (To work out new renovation and furniture time line) - Mid June
  • To work on operations - June and July
  • To operation Basement (Test) - Early August
  • To open doors and launch of Basement - End August . easy September

OAR and B3 Bistro (powered by SMUAA), bade farewell to Elaine on 28 April to spend more time with her family and pursue other interests. Thank you Elaine and we wish you all the very best.

Elaine's farewell

SMUAA Deborah Wee, Edwin Lim and Jeanie Lee (Vice President - Marketing Communications) had a great session together with OAR Jason and Valerie to pin down SMUAA Marketing measurements and perception on 2nd May at B3 Bistro.



SMU Interaction Night - FTB/FOC Facilitators and Organising Committee on 1 June 2017 / 6.30 - 930pm / B3 Bistro

Up to date, we have only 49 sign ups. We will be sending another reminder and push for more sign ups.




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