Renegade Attitude of Gratitude Highlights of the Week (Dec. 7 - Dec. 13)

Ms. Palumbo

““Hi Ms. Palumbo, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that you have done this year for us students. I know that math is a difficult subject to teach online and the technology was really bad for a while, but I just wanted to say that I think that you are doing a great job and thank you for all of your hard work. Also I really do appreciate you trying to connect with us and make up for what we are missing because of COVID.” - Shawnee Student

Mr. Aha

“Thank you Mr. Aha for the ongoing encouragement to your students and keeping them engaged during tough times. Your efforts are truly appreciated.” - Shawnee Parent

Mr. Broyles

“You truly are the anchor of our department. Thank you for being the voice, the sounding board, and someone we can all count on.” - Shawnee Staff Member

Ms. Fanourgakis

“Thank you for always being willing to work longer and harder for Shawnee and the students - whether it is working a game or running something for student council - you always answer the call!” - Shawnee Staff Member

Ms. Boehmke

“For working with our son who is adjusting to the virtual learning and the flexibility and concern when he was sick. We really appreciate the time, flexibility and caring you showed to him to ensure he is on track in Pre Calc. Thank you so very much, we are grateful for amazing teachers like you Mrs. Boehmke!” - Shawnee Parent

Ms. Holcombe

“Thank you for being such an amazing teacher to [my student] last year and this year. Last year when school closed due to COVID 19 it was so nice that you sent postcards and emails telling [my student] how much you missed seeing him in class and that you could always count on him to participate in class. This year you took time out of your extremely busy schedule to help [my student] write the perfect college essay. English has always been a bit of a challenge for [my student], but having you as his supportive teacher has made a difficult subject FUN!” - Shawnee Parent

Ms. Russell

“Thank you for supporting our students and staff, even when they don't realize they need it. You're always there and always a step ahead.” - Shawnee Staff Member

Mr. N Rotindo

"Mr. Rotindo, thank you so much for making Gavin's transition into high school so smooth! He absolutely loves Jazz Ensemble with you and really respects you as an educator.” - Shawnee Parent

Ms. Johnston

"Thank you for making the class entertaining and the one break I feel like I have during the school day. It´s been stressful through this change and I still have problems, but I feel like the class is a break from everything piling up.” -Shawnee Student