Dragons And Dinosaurs By Chaney

CONTRAPTION - device, machine

Look at this odd CONTRAPTION.

SUBMERGED - immersed

It looks like he's going to go SUBMERGE something out of the water.

MASSIVE - enormous, solid

Wow, this mountain is MASSIVE!

EERIE - creepy, weird

This skul looks EERIE to me.

ROAMED - wander, travel

She has ROAMED for a while, and she is still ROAMING.

OBSTACLES - impediment, barrier

This is one in many OBSTACLES to escape jail.

ELEGANT - tasteful

This is ELEGANT for me to look at.

COMPLICATED - complex, intricate

Rubix Cubes are COMPLICATED for me.
Created By
Chaney Limon


Created with images by Hans - "star projector planetarium projector" • Unsplash - "diving water submerged" • werner22brigitte - "monument valley arizona usa" • Viergacht - "skull skeleton bones" • keulefm - "girl summer dress" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "fence barrier metal" • PublicDomainPictures - "peacock bird plumage" • missapplet - "rubix cube game"

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