Nose the Safety of Piercings By: Lauren Poole

People of all different ages, genders, and backgrounds get nose piercings.

Piercings are common among athletes in many different sports and include Olympic athletes. These piercings appear in different places on the athletes body.

Roman athletes originally used piercings to hold up their clothes during sporting events.

Piercings also show culture. You can see the many unique styles of jewelry that change according to different cultures.

Location of piercings is another way to distinguish cultures.

Facial piercings can be used to express ranks in tribes, or character traits of tribe members.

There is a sense of pride behind those who wearing piercings.

Hoop piercings create a bigger cause of injury because they protrude out of the nose and have a bigger risk of getting caught or snagged on something. Nose studs should be allowed during intramural volley ball game so athletes can express themselves without high risk of injury.


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