Where I've Been To my loves, penelope and telemachus

After the war, the wind carried our ship to the island of the Cicones. We defeated and raided a small town on the island. I called for my men, but they were too busy enjoying the wine. Oh what fools they had been! While I was trying to get the attention of my crew some fugitives escaped to call the army, the main force of the Cicones. When they arrived my men made a fight of it, but not a strong enough one. We were able to retreat and make it back to the ships, but not all of us. No, we had six benches empty in every ship. We barely escaped death that day.

Once escaping the cicones, we came to the coastline of the Lotus Eaters. I had sent out two men and one runner to see who had inhabited this land. They soon found the lotus eaters. These inhabitants showed now will to do us harm, only offering a strange flower. A flower that will make you forget, make you want to stay, forever. I soon found my men and dragged them all back to the ship and tied them down under the rowing benches while warning the others of the dangers of eating the flowers. My men soon after filled in their places and the oarsmen took us back out to sea.

PoluWhen we had come to the island of the Cyclops, we found a very strange cave. It looked like it had been inhabited but, the thing living there was gone or at least gone for a moment. Right away my men and I lit a fire, burnt and offering, and ate some of the occupants cheese. Then walking through the giant passageway was a beast of man, a thing. It dumped all its belongings that it was carrying onto the floor with a great crash. This thing was ginormous Penelope! Larger then my ship and strong enough to move a solid slab of rock over head. My men and I would never have been able to even push that let alone lift it above our heads. This "thing" then turned around and asked who we were, so i proceeded to tell him that our ship was blown off course by Poseidon. The cyclops have any sympathy and got very angry, he reached down, grabbed 2 of my men and ripped them apart, then ate them. Right after he ate my men, he fell fast asleep. During this time, my men and I had been very shaken up because of this previous event, yet we began to plan a way to get out of here alive. We would have to blind the beast, but not kill it because we would need a way of pushing the giant boulder out of the way. After the monster woke, we had told him we had an honorable gift for him, wine. We gave him so much that he was drunk, and didn't really understand what was going on, but enough to remember important details. Before he passed out again, I gave him a name, my name, "Nobody." Our plan was in full speed ahead we took a stick sharpened it to a point, heated it up went over to the beast and stabbed him straight threw the eye. He jerked forward screaming, crying, and got up move the rock and cried for his brothers to save him. Screaming "Nobody, Nobody has tricked me." The brothers automatically thought their brother was crazy, so they ignored him, giving my men and I time to escape. We took off running for our ship and barely got out in time. Before Polyphemus was out of sight, I yelled and taunted him causing him to pray to the gods for a curse on my men and I.

After the cyclops, my crew and I landed on the island of Aeolia, home to the god of wind. The god of wind wanted to help me get home so he took all the winds and bagged them into a small sack. I was told to not open up the bag no matter what, and so I hid it on the ship. Some of our untrustworthy shipmates went and wanted to see what I was hiding and opened the bag, causing all the winds to escape. This created an enormous storm throwing men overboard and blowing us the completely opposite way from home.

The winds then blow us to the island of the laestrygonians, giant cannibals. All but one ship and crew survive this horrific tragedy. I barley escaped.

Once we escaped the cannibals, we made it the island of Aeaea, home of the enchantress Circe. I sent some men out to explore this strange land. While they were exploring they came upon Circe who invited them into her home, treated them like guests, got them drunk, then put a spell on them to forget their homeland and to turn them into pigs. One of my crew members who hadn't gotten transformed ran down to me and my crew and explained what had happened. Our friends were gone. I then rushed to Circe's hall, but in the middle of my trip there, Hermes stopped me and gave me a plant that would weaken Circe's power. I reached the top and met Circes. She knew she had met her match, so she eventually let my men free. At this time, Circe lured me into staying with her for many years. After many years of eating and other pleasures, my men and I begged her to let us return home.

The only way Odysseus would know how to get home would be going to talk to the bling prophet Teiresias who lived in the land of the dead. Once there I spoke with the prophet where he proceeded to tell me that there was destruction for my crew and I soon. Yet I would make it out alive, but when I would make it home, there would be a fight for your kingdom against the suitors.

We then sailed to the Sirens land. Circes had warned me that these beautiful creatures had amazing voices and were going to try to pull us in and make us forget. Circe informed me to use beeswax on my crew so they wouldn't hear the sounds, but for I, I would want to listen. So my crew would have to tie me up so tight that i wouldn't be able to move a muscle. Circe also told me that during this journey on the sea, six of my men were going to be killed and there was going to be no stopping it. I told my men about what we were going to have to do in order to keep the noise from the Sirens out, but i wasn't going to say anything about the death we were going to face. The journey began, i was tied up while my men had beeswax in their ears paddling away. I was screaming for them to let me out, yet my men stayed loyal.

Once we passed the Sirens, all of a sudden a ginormous whirlpool threatened the ship and all aboard. We were able to pass it safely but after that another creature appeared.

Right after we escaped the whirlpool, what Circe had told me what was going to happen, happened. Scylla the 6 headed monster of the sea, came threw and took one of my men for each of the heads. I couldn't stop them or do anything, I could only listen to my men's final cries to me.

My men and I, after the latest battle at sea, arrived at Thrinakia. I was told that my men and I couldn't take or kill any of the cattle or we were to be dead. So I proceeded to inform the crew about this rule. My men at first obeyed and only ate what was on the ship and what they could fish out of the ocean. But the storm went on, supplies ran out and the men began to starve. Eurylochus then told my men that if they were to take and kill one cow, they would make up for it by building a costly temple back at Ithaca. Then men agreed and sacrificed this cow while I was asleep. I soon woke and saw and smelt the cow. I began yelling at the gods for letting me sleep threw this time. Soon Lord Helios cried out that we have killed one of his cattle, he begged for Zeus to kill all of my men. Which soon became reality.

After my men had been killed, I found my way to Calypso. I stayed there for 7 years with her trapped, her unwilling to give me up and let me return home. Hermes had informed Calypso that she had to give me up and soon. Calypso promised me a boat and provisions to make my way home. We soon said goodbye.

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