Immigration in America in 2017 Auna Green

Family is Everything

There are 11 million immigrants that lives in the U.S today and most of them are here illegally. I believe being an immigrant is hard because you have to live in fear and sometimes poverty and can’t even get help because they fear of getting deported. And I don’t think its right to treat anyone of color or race differently just because you don’t know them or you think they’re not suppose to be here. Immigrants are a great help to people in the united states and they make the U.S bigger. Immigrants affect the economy because they’re taking money from the Government but they also are bringing money in the the United States.

We are all a unity.

If I was the president my solution would be to make immigration legal,but only if they are willing to do background checks and learn English. These changes would affect the immigrants and the U.S in a positive way.

Make America safe.

And these changes would be fair and beneficial to both sides. I think the Immigrants is very nice and understood people,and i also think if the U.S take time to know them and figure out the reasons to come here they will empathize with them and understand them more. I believe immigrants have a lot of reasons to come here,all of them want a better life for themselves and their children.And others just want freedom or to come here and work hard.

People might ask why should immigrants be here Illegally?I would say Everyone deserves a chance to be free and work hard for their families.It’s not right to put other people down or disrespect them just because of their culture/race.We all need to be mature about the situation and act on it in a respectful way as a unity.I think people should start realizing how hard it is for them to live in fear everyday of getting deported. Also,when they work long hours in the Hot heat or other unstable weather conditions. However, they should take into consideration that the immigrants will do anything to help and support their families and work hard for them. They’re here because they want to help the United states.

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