POV's In To Kill a Mockingbird Sydney Borneman

Scout and Jem watched from the porch as I loaded the gun. I knew that they would be looking up to me, looking in my eyes for answers. They always have looked up to me because we were a close family. Scout looked up to Jem, and they needed me to show them about confidence and not to have fear. I watched the dog come closer, growling with spit hanging from it's mouth. I looked back at Scout and Jem and they had wide eyes, staring, frightened at the dog coming to them. I know there are better options rather than to shoot this dog. I know Scout and Jem don't want to see me kill this poor dog. I took one look and placed my finger on the trigger. Miss. Maudie tells my children how good of a shot I have and I need to prove that to them and show them I can protect. I took one look at my children, one look at the dog and pulled the trigger. The dog howled and fell to the ground. Jem and Scout came running to me and hugged me as soon as they reached contact. Jem told me that I was very brave and Scout told me that I protected them. It's the best feeling to know that my kids love me unconditionally and that they look up to me all the time. I will protect them and be there for them at all costs.

I ran to my house after I accidentally destroyed Mrs. Dubose's flowers. Atticus found out and punished me and told me I had to read to Mrs. Dubose. I did not want to have to waste my day reading to some old lady. Days go by and I begin to grow a friendly relationship with Mrs. Dubose. She is nice and cares for me when I go over there. Everyday I would leave and she would stand in the doorway and say, "Bless your soul Jem". It wasn't until I finished my punishment that Atticus told me that Mrs. Dubose died. I was shocked and upset considering I have been with her for all that time and she never told me she wasn't doing well. I must've looked upset when Atticus told me because he hugged me and told me that she was a tough women. He explained to me that Mrs. Dubose has been fighting for a long time and that she was very grateful I have been reading to her. That made me beyond happy. I walked by her house a couple times to think about what happened and it makes you be more appreciative to life and realize how something little can make a bigger deal for someone else.

I looked as Jem laid in the bed, unconscious, bruises on his head. I burst out the front door yelling Scouts name, and she ran up to me from out of the woods, looking frightened. I hugged her as hard as I could and could feel her tiny heart beating out of her chest. "What happened?" I asked her. She has no responses other than "I don't know". She made a bee line for the bedroom where Jem was laying and asked if he was going to be okay. "He will be fine," I told her. "Now tell me what happened back there". She searched the back of her mind for answers before telling me that Bob Ewell was going after them, trying to harm them. That made me mad. That was the last thing I wanted to hear. As Scout explained what happened, Boo Radley appeared from behind the door. When I found out that he, Arthur Radley, saved my kids from Bob Ewell, I was ecstatic. I gave him my thanks and I didn't know how to ever repay him. These children are my pride and joy and I don't know what I could ever do to thank him.

I stood in the doorway of the bedroom where Jem, Scout, Atticus and Heck Tate sat. I am glad I helped those children. They would have been killed if it wasn't for me being there to save them. They all starred at me as Scout explained what happened. I stood in silence, not knowing how to react. Atticus shook my hand and gave me his thanks, when in reality, I did it because I wanted to. I was not going to let Bob Ewell take those two precious children out of this world. I placed a hand on Jem's forehead and wondered what could have happened if I wasn't there. Scout took my hand and we started towards my house. I don't have little kids running around my house, playing games, and singing songs. I am grateful Scout and Jem live across the street and that I have been able to get to know them both very well. I am also very grateful they have a wonderful father and a good life to grow up into. As Scout stares up at me with her big eyes, I knew I did the right thing by saving them from Bob Ewell. Not just for Atticus, not just for the town, but for me too.

Reflection: In this assignment, I learned how books can be written/ seen from different viewpoints. By creating these entries, i was able to put myself in other characters shoes and experience the story. I wrote perspectives from Jem, Atticus, and Boo Radley's eyes. I thought this helped me understand not only the book, but as well as the characters. I think Mr. Crooke created this assignment because he wanted us to understand that there are different viewpoints from different characters and that you never really understand someone until you see it from their point of view.

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