Fort Worth BY: Nick Swedlund "Cow town"


Fort Worth is the 16th largest city in the United States. Fort Worth is in the northern central part of Texas, Fort Worth covers nearly 350 square miles. Fort Worth is the second largest city near Dallas. Fort Worth has a population of 833,319 people of the 2015 population census of Fort Worth.

This is a map showing the location of Fort Worth.

Climate And Temperature

The average temperature in Fort Worth is 65 degrees Fahrenheit, with a Subtropical and Semi-arid. The average rainfall that Fort Worth gets is about 37 inches per year and it gets about 1.5 inches of snow per year. Fort Worth gets 229 sunny days out of 365.25 days in the year.

cloud above snow and rain.


Fort Worth was an army post that was under General William Jenkins Worth. Fort Worth still embraces it's architecture and design. USS Fort Worth was the first United States naval ship to be named after a city. Fort Worth is also referred to as "Funky Town" because of its wild western heritage.

Top Left: USS Fort Worth. Bottom Left: Military solders from Texas. Right: General William Jenkins Worth.


Fort Worth has a lot of Movies, Concerts, Theaters, Operas, and Performance Halls. Fort Worth also has a four day comedy club weekend. Fort Worth as well has painting and art as a major role in Fort Worth.

paintbrushes and paint

Things to do

In Fort Worth there is a lot of things to do for example you could go to: The Texas Civil War Museum, Kimbell art Museum, The Texas State Aquarium, The Casa Manana theater, The Fort Worth water garden, and The Fort Worth Japanese garden.

Bottom Left: Casa Manana Theater. Bottom Right: Water Garden. Top Left: Japanese Garden. Top Right: Texas State Aquarium.

At the Texas State Civil War museum you could learn about what it was like in Texas at the time of the Civil War. At the Texas State Aquarium you could view and learn about the different sea life at the Aquarium. at the Kimbell art Museum in Fort Worth you could view the art pieces and learn about them. At the Casa Manana Theater you could view plays. At the Fort Worth Water Garden you could view the water flow and how it moves. At the Fort Worth Japanese garden you could have a Wedding, party, or any kind of family event, you could have a picnic, you could take a walk there, and you could also view the nature there.


Fort Worth is also nicknamed panther city. Fort Worth has 229,944 businesses. There is a lot of Law and engineering jobs available in Fort Worth. The average hotel price for 2 star hotel is $80.


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