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"The City of Water"

You will fly in from Rome and arrive at Venice around 10am. As you start to descend, you will be amazed at the beautiful array of islands and shaded blue waters. You will then grab your voucher and head to the main islands. Then you will check in at the luxurious hotel (San Clemente Palace) and set up in your room. From your room you will be able to see the tinted blue waters. Once you get settled in, you then start the tour at 12pm.

The Wonderfully Tinted Blue Water of Venice

We will first go visit Burano at 1:00. At Burano we will go visit the mask shops. If you ever plan on coming back in the future, you might want to pick up a mask for the annual carnival. After that, we will go see the lace museum. Burano is famous for their beautiful lace, you will be intrigued by the patterns the lace has. Then you will have the option to explore on your own for the rest of the morning exploring the architecture and history of the unique city of water. There are ice cream shops, markets, and other fun attractions.

Once we are finished we will have lunch at the Riva Rosa. There we will have fresh warm bread, a bowl of tanned spaghetti noodles and fresh shrimp. After having a delicious meal at Riva Rosa, we will meet up at 2:00 pm at the leaning bell tower. Some of the most favored places you can see the tower from are, Giudecca street or the Tarrenova Bridge.

After a fun and exciting day, we will head back to the hotel around 7:00 pm. Once we get to the hotel you will have time to take a shower, or explore the hotel, maybe even take a dip in the pool or a trip to the spa. Make sure you get your rest though because in the morning we will be headed to Rome for a busy day of sightseeing and tours there.

You will settle in to a 5 star hotel room at San Clemente Palace

Day 2: Colosseum

Welcome to day two! In the morning you will hop on a plane in beautiful Venice to take a bus to the Marco Polo airport where you will be flying into the Alitalia airport. After landing, board the shuttle bus to the Grand Hotel Palatino. After checking in, a delicious breakfast will be waiting for you at your table.

Inside of the Colosseum

Then, after breakfast, the morning is yours to explore! Just feel free to take the morning into your own hands! From there we will get on a bus to see the modern art museum, that way you can experience Roman history, old and new! You may also check out the farmers market not too far away. Then you have time for lunch. For lunch, we recommend to you try either the fine restaurant, Aroma where you can find some traditional Italian cuisine such as the Salsa al pomodoro and ragù, or, You could find yourself closer to home by dining at the Hard Rock Cafe! Both of these spectacular places have stunning food! After lunch, your tour guide will meet you at the spectacular Colosseum! You will take a deluxe tour throughout the afternoon involving a history of the Colosseum and what happened to it throughout the years. Don’t forget to check out the souvenir shop just outside! Before you go to dinner, we recommend you check out the, Fontana di Trevi, One of, if not the most famous fountains in the world! For dinner we will present you with reservations for Le Pergola! The finest restaurant in town! After dinner you’ll head to the Grand Hotel Palatino where you will stay the night so you can wake up and hit the ground running for your tour of the Pantheon on your third day on your amazing Italian tour!

Hotel Palatino Room

Day 3: Pantheon

To start off your 3rd day, you are going to wake up in The Grand Hotel Palatino. From there you will be taking a cab to your breakfast place, called Miscellanea, which is just a short 2 to 3 minute walk away from your next attraction, the Pantheon.

The front of the Pantheon

The Pantheon is a gorgeous historic building that you will take you all day to explore all of the interesting architecture and artifacts. After you are done experiencing and learning new things about the Pantheon for the morning, I bet you will get a little hungry and want to take a quick lunch break. That is why you will be going to Armando al Pantheon. At this wonderful Italian restaurant you will get great classic Italian food and service.

On your way back to exploring the Pantheon, we have the perfect thing for you, Gelato!

Gelato is a wonderful European dessert, it is almost like ice cream/pudding. It has wonderful flavors and textures, and at this gelato place you will experience authentic delicious gelato.

After a long and exciting day at the Pantheon, you will need be able to have a nice dinner. You will be having dinner at the Pantha Rei. There are many options of food to eat there like, pizza, salads and more.

After a big dinner you will probably be pretty tired and full. That’s why you will ride a cab back to the Grand Hotel Palatino to have a nice relaxing sleep, so you will be ready for the exciting day ahead of you in Pompeii.

Day #4: Pompeii

Eagle View of mount Vesuvius

Welcome to Pompeii, on where you will be visiting during you stay... First you will be visiting your hotel and checking in (Hotel Continental) than you should go to visit the ancient Mount Vesuvius that once blew up all of Pompeii but don't worry it isn't active anymore. then once your done with that you can go to a restaurant like one of these four-five star restaurants, Theatercaféen, Nordvegan, Der Peppern Gror, Borggården Biffrestaurant.

Once you are done with your mid day meal you should get ready to go on another adventure because we are about to go to the amphitheatre ( the Arena where gladiators used to brawl in.) once you are done with the Amphitheatre be ready to go on another adventure because we will go look at one of the buildings that wasn't destroyed when Mount Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD.

You'll have to hurry because it closes at 5:00 P.M, once you get there you may explore and see the servants quarters, the main living space, the garden, and the kitchen.


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