the journey of emulation of Patrick Zephr by ELIJAH Nelson

i was simply trying to represent his work as best as possible

Looking at this photo i see some things the photographer used in the this photo. having complete defused lighting on this landscape allowing for one to see more detail in the photo. Also with the trees having different shades of green even having some transition in season with trees with no leaves or color as well as some still reflection and little movement in the photo. Giving the viewer a peaceful and tranquil state of mind, also having some mystery of what could be behind that tree line.

fishing is killer tharapy

As you can see there is a little bit of direct lighting on the rocks and you can tell he did a great job with not having overexposure in the photo. With rocks gently lightened by the sun and the sky giving a variety of color, even with the still water a slight reflections. Lending you a feeling a summer breezy evening with peaceful relaxing note to end a day kinda feeling.

sky so good you could cry

Using the rule of thirds by not having the figure in the middle of the picture, but nice framing on the patch of trees in the center. Having the moon mildly light up the landscape and the water once again reflects the light source. Allowing for mystery and unknown with a peaceful night with faded woods, who knows what's out there?

unknown of the luck out there

With a rock, wet rock to be exact he uses excellent framing as well as excellent diffused lighting with long exposure on the water. The water, the wet rock and even an ocean shore gives the picture a moist feeling. But the sky looks like the heavens have opened up the water is calming and bliss just gives you relaxation by looking at it.

water over rocks, with wet socks

This photo gives you direct light with giving full frame and does a great job of not too much light ruin the photo. With trees varying in color and a fog lit up by morning sun the tall trees and the vast number of leaves. Given the picture a sense of not knowing what's in these woods as if he put you in a different world and fills your imagination.

so close I could hug it

My contest photos

Light writting

And good ole me!

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