Crispr Dna modification no longer a futuristic concept

What is Crispr?

Crispr is unique technology that enables scientists to edit parts of the genome by removing, adding or altering sections of the DNA sequence.

Uses of Crispr

Crispr can be used to cure many diseases, most notably cancer, as well as hepatitis B and high cholesterol.

Should it be used? Why?

Crispr should be used but there should be limitations on its use. If Crispr was allowed to be used without limitations, all genes could be created perfectly, creating a race of supreme beings. Its use should be limited to diseases and disorders that will effect the life of a human being. It should not be used to make someone or a creature "Perfect." This would lead to unwanted standards of perfection in the modern world.

In the future, it could be used for anti aging purposes, but that is currently a hypothetical. Although, if it is available in the near future, it should not be available to all human beings, for there will be overpopulation and destruction of the environment.

Why is this interesting?

One of the many interesting things about Crispr is how it will effect the future. It will effect evolution in a grea way if it is used or not. If it is used, there will be a stronger race of humans and animals in the future. This will be determined in how Crispr is used to modify these living things. It could lead to the elimination of cancer and other diseases or disorders. This could also have a negative effect as those who live in harsh climates with maximum exposure to UV rays from the sun may have their pigmentation eliminated, thus eliminating their protection from the sun. If scientists decide not to use Crispr because of its effects on the future or lose their access to do so, the world would continue on as it does now. Cancer and other diseases and disorders would still threaten lives. Evolution would continue t happen but only naturally or by man through other technological breakthroughs. Crispr has a huge impact on the future, which is just one of the many interesting things about it.



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