3-2-1 Sow & Go

It is indeed time for a shakeup in the church! We are "imperfect earthen vessels" and we will continue to be as such but we serve a limitless God Who is able to keep us, guide us and empower us to become all that He has created us to be and to accomplish all that His will desires.

It Is Time for the church to make a decision that the salvation of souls is infinitely more important than our comfort, our preferences and our man-made schedules. There is no time for anyone to be sitting on the sidelines- we need everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in the game. There are people that need our love, guidance, prayers and support. We must respond to the call of the Lord and we must be accountable for the gifts and time which we have been given!

The number of churches that have plateaued or are in decline in America have reached the mark or 87% leaving less light in a dark world and more and more people without a witness to the Gospel

The average person struggles to see how church is relevant to their lives.

At the same time churches are failing to reach out in a way that helps.

It's time for Christ's church to start living what they say they believe. The way the world is going to see the truth is by the church living the truth.
When the visionary planters of Crescent Hill began meeting to form this church their calling and desire was to see a witness for the Gospel planted in this community. The community that we see today is not the same one they came to but it still needs a Gospel witness.
In God's sovereign plan, He has brought us together in this place for such a time as this. There are two options for congregations like ours.

Option #1: We can turn over our property and assets to a church plant or another congregation that can provide the resources necessary to make an immediate impact in the community.

Option #2: We can commit together to allow our congregation to complete the process of becoming a revitalized congregation to the glory of God and keep a vital Gospel witness in this community.

November 15, 2015 Prayer of Unity to the Vision/ Mission of the Church
Sow = Your group hosts an event in your home where each group member’s "3" are invited to attend. The object is to share 1 group member's story about coming to know Jesus.
Go = Your group goes through the neighborhood in which one of the group member lives and prayer walks/ rides while handing out information about Crescent Hill. The object is build relationships.

Will you follow through with your commitment when your church and community needs you most?

Let's begin by supporting our church with our regular attendance!

Invite a neighbor to come to church with you

Invite a family member to come to church with you

Be faithful to build relationships that will provide opportunities for you to see lives transformed with the truth of the Gospel and the hope of God's love!

Let's let everyone know...


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