When you first step through the doors of The Sweet Palace you are transported back in time and flooded with childhood memories. The Victorian Era décor, dressed in pink and white, invites visitors to stay a while, but it is the tantalizing smells and visual yumminess, which actually captures its visitors. It is also the reason thousands of visitors travel from all over to the small town of Philipsburg, Montana.

For the older generation, the memories are of a time when our parents gave us a dollar and sent us off to the candy story for penny candy. Our eyes would widen from all of the choices and our little mouths watered for a taste of everything. At The Sweet Palace, mountains of choices and the mouth-watering smells takes us back to the delicious memories of our youth.

The Sweet Palace may tempt its patrons with small wonders of goodness, but it’s the large impact and experience that they will remember for years to come. Today’s youths will start their own memories of a time they spent in a candy store filled with wonders.

The Sweet Palace boasts that it is the World’s Greatest Candy Store, a large sentiment to be sure, and a fairly accurate one. Jars and jars are filled with hard candies, probably every flavor of Jelly Belly you could imagine, a wide variety of licorices, and salt-water taffy of every flavor, so many choices and so many temptations.

Unable to make a decision, customers fill their bags full of goodies, as much as they can afford. At $8.99 a pound this could prove to be a somewhat costly adventure. The handmade chocolates, caramels, and fudge vary in pricing but are worth every penny.

Candy Angels (employees) flitter throughout the store tempting people with candy, offering advice or explaining how the system works. The store has the system down to a candy science, from welcoming customers as they enter the store, helping with purchases, and moving the long line of buyers quickly and efficiently. From a marketing standpoint it was pure genius to place the melt-in-your-mouth fudge as the last stop, tempting visitors to a sweet paradise as they wait in line to make their purchases.

The Sweet Palace is a sensory overload of absolute deliciousness and most definitely a great candy store. With its small packages comes a delicious greatness.

by Karla Locke

Created By
Karla Locke


Karla Locke

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