Hockey Fighting: A Necessary Evil By David Satagaj

Pittsburgh's Matt Cooke takes a cheap shot at Blue Jackets defenseman Fedor Tyutin

According to a study done by the Georgetown University School of Medicine, hockey fights are actually relatively safe.

"I've watched enough hockey that I can tell you clearly that if you take the release valve of fighting out of it, you'd have a lot more dirty playing, and probably more injuries would result from players not being able to blow off steam by fighting"-Dr. David Milzman (qtd. in Dotinga).

Hockey players have only a .39% chance of getting a concussion from fighting, as opposed to the 4.5% chance of getting a concussion from being checked (Dotinga).

Furthermore, in almost 15,000 fights studied, there was not a single jaw fracture or break, whereas in a study relating to bar fights, a broken jaw occurs over 50% of the time (Dotinga).

Here is the NHL Rulebook on fighting
The NHL should require teams to put on fighting clinics for player safety.
This is my proposed change, to be added at the end of Rule 46
Corey Perry (Anaheim Ducks forward) after being hit hard
The League will become safer, allowing a kids everywhere from going to small town hockey to the NHL more safely
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David Satagaj


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