Poetry Book By: Rayna Kinney


C Cute

H Hyper

I Irrisistable

H Happy

U Underdog

A Adorable

H Hooligan

U Unique

A Aesthetic


Flowers are blooming fast

Kids are out for summer now

Butterflies wings are bright


Japan has flowers

Beautiful plants

They bloom in the spring

The flowers are vibrant now

They are eaten by a cow

Frogs are not dogs


Slick Slimy

Ponds, Lily pads,flies,tadpoles


Green Swift



Once there was a uni-deer name Billy

He had a wife name Tilly

They had a child name Hank

Most would say he stank

At first he was upset and now he realized it was just silly



Secret ,Scary, Unknown

Amazing, Interesting, Mysterious


Lady Liberty

Once it was brown and now its green

In this pic it has weird eyelids

It looks as though it also has no ears

It has a few stray hairs

France apparently sent us this

If I look at her it makes me sigh

She looks as though she is about to cry

Her nostrils are quite large

Her eyebrows almost touch

She must get bored just standing there

She probably thinks it isnt fair

She now has nobody to comb her hair

Lady liberty!


Shoes are bad

They make me sad

I like my feet to be free

Why I don't like them that beats me


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