Thick Soup A Love StOry

Thick soup needs a partner to be more thick

Possible partners include roux, créame, or a veggie purée.

They end up having kids like Creme of mushroom or creme of chicken.

Creme is added bc it makes Soup rich and milk makes soups thinner.

Purée are made when Soup ingredients go to the club called "Blender". Here they grind against each other until the get so mixed up they turn to a thick liquid

Purees are coarser. Think: split pee Soup. These are fillings and are served as main courses. Very thick and hearty. Made of ground up ingredients.

Velvety and smooth. Puréed veggies are often added. Chicken broth is commonly added.

A bisque or chowder is a regional soup that often incorporates seafood. And is thick. Bisque is seafood stock with chopped veggies with a cream or roux.

Chowders are thickens with roux and feature potatoes. Creme or milk base.


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