Lead Contamination in Flint Michigan By: Jace Widman

Lead Contamination in Flint Michigan

Intro- Two years ago, the state of Michigan decided to try and save money by switching their water supply. They switched their supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River. People laughed at this idea because the flint river is one known for its filth.

Causes- the first cause was switching the water supply, the second cause was ignorance in not checking and testing the water.

Environmental Impact- Several species were affected by the lead contamination including ducks, geese, swans. These animals were affected because they drink the water from the river and it caused them to get lead poisoning and die. Autopsies were done and when their stomachs were looked at, they were completely black, covered in lead.

Solutions- The biggest fix to this problem is to just switch the water supply back to Lake Huron but that would take some time to get that done. Another solution to this problem would be to clean the water or add purifiers to make the water drinkable. Another thing the people could do is start buying bottled water for the time-being and wait till they switch the water supply back. In the future just check the water before you make that your water supply .

Visual Supports-

1. http://abcnews.go.com/Health/flint-michigan-issues-state-emergency-threat-lead-poisoning/story?id=35774029


Inside of a duck affected by the lead


Lead Water


Lead Gathered in the River


Lead Filled Water







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