Annual Report 2019 - 2020

Table of Contents

  • Message from the Chairwoman and the executive Director
  • Human Resources
  • The organization
  • Programs
  • Roles of Children and Families Served
  • Impacts
  • Actions
  • Financial Report
  • Acknowledgements

Message from the President and the Executive Director

Message from the Chairwoman

We had yet another year filled with new projects, new activities, and new faces, especially on the Board of Directors and among our employees, which unfortunately ended with recent events related to COVID- 19.

We had to get creative and rethink our methods, secure the loyalty of our donors and maintain the bonds among our staff. We also had to continue to offer the best possible services to our youth who, in the current situation, need listening and support more than ever. It shows that nothing is impossible, and that teamwork pays off.

I wish to thank the contributions of our mentors, our Big Brothers and Big Sisters, our staff, management, and Board members. I sincerely thank each of you for your efforts in the past year, especially over the past few months, and I am counting on you for the upcoming year.

The 2020-2021 year is off to a quite different start than previous years, but I am confident that our team will keep offering the best services to the greatest number of youths possible!

Julie Gaudreault-Martel

A Word from the Executive Director

Despite an abrupt end, the 2019-2020 year has been one of great achievements. We adopted a new vision, a new mission, a new corporate image, as well as worked intensively to define the impact of our activities on youth, who benefit from the presence of an additional significant person.

Our team, like the entire BBBS movement in Canada, was able to think thoroughly and initiate major changes in our methods and impact measures. Therefore, we have adopted a Theory Of Change (TOC) that we must now follow and measure.

I would like to thank our entire team, working committees, mentors, and Board members. Thanks to you, we had an exciting year and not only achieved our goals for the year, but also exceeded many of our common objectives.

We started this new year by adjusting and staying as close as possible to children and families, given the circumstances. Our creativity, resilience and empathy are well established, and we will continue along this path to help youth in the Greater Montreal area ignite their full potential. Thank you.

Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle

Human Resources

  • Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle - Executive Director
  • Marine Papin -Deputy Executive Director
  • Mélanie Blanchette - Head of Human Resources
  • Sylvain Chaleteix - Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Émilie Bourbeau - Funding and Event Coordinator
  • Mathilde Van Branteghem - Clinical Programs Coordinator
  • Angela Ripolo - Coordinator of Research and Program Innovation
  • Lyne Charron - Administrative Assistant
  • Cynthia Dupuis - Communications Assistant
  • Crystal Alexander - Mentoring Coordinator
  • France Chaput - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Véronique Bélanger - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Laurent Lapalme - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Omar Mustafa - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Vincent Davis - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Guillaume Tremblay - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Délizar Hasnaoui - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Mollie Arsenault - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Étienne Grondin - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Marianne Narbey - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Hélène Rapanakis - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Nay Maalouf - Communications Assistant
  • Josy-Anne Dumont - Mentoring Coordinator
  • Marie Ève Jamieson - Administrative Assistant - Canada Summer Jobs Program
  • Mélodie Milan - Research and Innovation Coordinator
  • Joseline Pierre - Mentoring Coordinator

With its mentoring expertise, BBBS of Greater Montreal is proud to have supported its staff members in the evolution of their careers and the development of their skills.

The training of the next generation was carried out by the greeting and supervision of our interns:

  • Guillaume Tremblay - Social work – Cégep du Vieux-Montréal
  • Kiana Jean-Francois - Social work - Cégep Marie-Victorin
  • Laurent Fecteau-Nadeau - Bachelor in Animation and Cultural Research – UQAM
  • Chloé Gasque - Social Service Assistance - Crois-Rouge, Tours, France
“As soon as I arrived at BBBS of Greater Montreal, I immediately fell in love with the organization and its mission. I discovered an inclusive workplace that is open to new ideas and is willing to take on new challenges and adjust to better meet the needs of children and families. I am fortunate to pursue my career within the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada family, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make a real difference in my community. “ Guillaume Tremblay –new employee


Our Vision

All young people realize their potential.

Our Mission

Enable life-changing mentoring relationships to ignite the power and potential of young people.


March 2020, as for all organizations and social movements, individuals and families, the Coronavirus crisis shook everyone’s lives. We established a crisis unit, had our team telework, stopped in-person mentoring meetings, and unfortunately had to make a few temporary layoffs. We had to rethink our practices and ensure that children and mentors continue to see each other, notably to minimize the negative impacts of this global pandemic. The upcoming year will be filled with major changes for the organization, in terms of programs, clinical practices and the development of new work organization skills.


Mentoring programs

Mentoring in the community

Community Mentoring Services consists of creating safe and healthy mentoring relationships for youth aged 6 to 21 years old in Greater Montreal who face exclusion or adversity and wish to benefit from having an additional significant adult in their lives.

244 matches

“Her Big Sister is very empowering. She encourages my daughter and reminds her how important it is to be a proud, strong woman. She is an incredible role model.” - Lea’s mother


In-School Mentoring is a one-on-one mentoring program offered to students attending our partner elementary schools.

92 pairings

“With his Big Sister, my son creates memories, learns how to behave in various situations. We witness a great friendship between them.” - William’s mother

The Inclusive Component

Identity development and self-assertion are major issues for all youth.

However, the challenges may be heightened if the youth identifies with a marginalized community. That is why BBBS of Greater Montreal has, in recent years, implemented specific inclusive components for its mentoring programs - a youth who would like to be paired with a mentor from a community, like their own, could be possible. Above providing a positive role model, the inclusive components allow young participants to discuss realities with their mentors, who can better understand and support them. The inclusive components currently available are: LGBTQ2+, Indigenous Mentoring and Black’n Role.

Group programs

Homework help

The trusting relationship growing between the youth and their tutor increases their motivation - a key condition for the academic perseverance of the child. After completing their work, they can participate in educational activities together, such as reading and play board games.

66 participants

“My tutor’s great. She makes homework look cool. It helps me understand and stay focused.” — Emma

Tell me a story

This program, facilitated by employees of our organization, consists of offering workshops in the form of storytelling, discussion periods and thematic activities.

305 participants

Group workshops

These group workshops, facilitated by our caseworkers, are designed to raise awareness of the various social problems encountered in their daily lives. They are available to youths in several English and French high schools in Montreal.

26 workshops on the following themes: Stress Management - Cyberbullying - Communication Conflict Resolution - Self-esteem - Healthy Relationships

329 participants

Entrepreneurship Program

This year, BBBS of Greater Montreal had the pleasure of collaborating with Mathieu Fortin and Jean Christophe Pilon, MBA graduates from HEC Montréal, to offer a group of youths paired with mentors a series of seven 2-hour workshops designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and develop social and interpersonal skills.

6 participants

“Through this program, my Little Brother has acquired several tools to assist him about the way the world works and how he can fit into it. He seems very motivated by the discoveries they make as a group week after week.” Alexandre



  • Female: 31,5%
  • Male: 68,25%
  • Non-binary: 0,25%
  • 6 - 9 years old: 23%
  • 10 - 15 years old: 60%
  • 16 - 18 years old: 17%


  • 76 % of single-parent families
  • 25% earn less than $15,000/year


The relationship changes brought by the caring presence of an adult have a major and measurable impact on the improvement and increasing social and emotional skills and executive functions of the youth.

The one-to-one mentoring relationship fosters the positive development of the youth in every aspect of their lives.

BBBS of Greater Montreal, while pursuing the ultimate goal of helping young people reach their full potential, supports the mentoring relationship to include essential elements that lead to major interpersonal changes and stimulate the youth’s socio-emotional learning.

The Developmental Relationships Framework

  1. Express care
  2. Challenge growth
  3. Provide support
  4. Share power
  5. Expand possibilities

Improving of our impact-measurement tools:

To achieve our goals concerning the implementation of our Theory Of Change (TOC) and improve our clinical practices, we continued our research, in partnership with Gilbert Émond, and his team at Concordia University, and worked on adapting our pairing supervision tools. Measuring the benefits of the mentoring relationship in the development of social and emotional skills as well as executive functions is based on a rigorous methodology inspired by innovative studies from several organizations such as the Search Institute.

Keys numbers

  • 88 % of youths enrolled in a mentoring program have shown real progress in reading and writing
  • 20 % more youths get their diploma than the national average
  • 98 % feel they make good life choices
  • 63 % have post-secondary education
  • 87 % have strong social networks
  • 96 % claim they are happy
  • 80 % adopt a healthy lifestyle



During the year 2019-2020, BBBS of Greater Montreal employees have had the opportunity to attend a variety of trainings to enhance their knowledge and skills:

  • Support youth with autism spectrum disorders
  • Discussion workshop on LGBTQ2+ issues
  • Realities and issues for youth who were involved in sexual exploitation

Strategic Clarity Exercise

Garrow & Envoy, strategic clarity consultants, has accompanied BBBS of Greater Montreal over the past year to reflect on the targeted organizational changes that could maximize the impact of mentoring services on the youth.

Digital Presence

BBBS of Greater Montreal pursues its mission of unleashing the full potential of our youth through mentoring relationships. To this end, numerous online communication actions have been implemented. This increased visibility allowed the organization to strengthen its leadership, increase funding and recruit new mentors.

Online visibility


  • 1342 new-mentor application forms
  • 271 new-family application forms
  • 54,100$ raised through fundraising campaigns and events

Major Fundraising Campaign

BBBS of Greater Montreal is pursuing its main objectives and hopes to support more youth in the Greater Montreal area through youth mentoring programs.

Thanks to the efforts of the philanthropic committee, new businesses joined the cause and agreed to donate to various BBBS of Greater Montreal’s projects.

$174,337 collected

Events and Activities

Philanthropic activity

Annual Fundraising Campaign - $7,700 raised

Fundraising events - $46,400 raised

Client Activities

BBBS of Greater Montreal strives to offer a diverse event calendar to its clients. Mentors, youth, and parents alike can benefit.

  • April 2019: Sugar shack
  • May 2019: Networking Evening for Mentors June
  • June 2019: Spring chores
  • October 2019: Apple picking
  • October 2019: Activity for Youth on our waiting list
  • November 2019: Walking Rally
  • November 2019: Montreal Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • December 2019: Children’s Christmas Party
  • January 2020: Dance show
  • March 2020: Networking Evening for Mentors

A new scholarship program was launched this year. Funding was granted to five participants from youth mentoring programs. Through this program, a total of $8,500 was granted to support these young people’s pursuit of post-secondary education.

Corporate social responsibility

Many businesses promote the importance of social involvement within the community. Several of them contacted us to get their employees involved and allow them to offer a few hours of volunteer work.

Financial Report


  • Grants: $265,000
  • BBBS Foundation: $566,000
  • Sponsorships: $67,000
  • Donations: $204,000
  • Other: $46,000
  • Total: $1,148,000


  • Youth Programs: $896,000
  • Administration: $124,000
  • Sponsorship: $67,000
  • Total: $1,087,000
  • Surplus: $61,000


Event Sponsors

  • Domaine Verger Lafrance
  • Saint-Houblon
  • Bord’Elle Restaurant
  • Starbucks


$50,000 and over

  • Centraide
  • BBBS Montreal Foundation
  • Ultramar Foundation

$ 10,000 and over

  • Anonymous scholarship donor
  • Godin Family Foundation
  • Rogers
  • William and Nancy Turner Foundation

$5,000 and up:

  • Anonymous Donor

$1,000 and up:

  • Benoit Family Foundation
  • Caron Family Foundation
  • Saint-Houblon Pub


  • Alexander Johnston
  • Polytechnic Student Association
  • CN Employees' and Pensioners' Benevolent Fund
  • Carmel Bouchard
  • Carole Doucet
  • Céline Gingras
  • Daniel Collette
  • Daniel Dontigny
  • David Sullivan
  • Émilie Bourbeau
  • Étienne Guindon
  • Jean Patrick Youth Fund
  • Francine Gaudet
  • Gestion Clanmor Inc
  • TD Bank Group
  • Janothan Michael
  • Jean Denis Jobidon
  • Jean-François Moquin
  • Joanne Roger
  • John Molson Competition Committee
  • Jonathan Tomaki
  • Josée Dubois
  • Julie Demers
  • Kate Reed
  • Keifer Butler
  • Kristina Lubin Jean
  • La Banquise
  • La Récréation
  • Ladele Honore Zul-Kifouli Odjougbele
  • Louise Barbeau
  • Madame Bovary
  • Marc-André Thibault
  • Marcia Wilson
  • Marguerite Choquette
  • Marie-Josée Cloutier
  • Maxime Bergeron Laurencelle
  • Michel Bonsant
  • Michelet Hippolyte
  • Mireille and Murray Steinberg Family Foundation
  • Myles Strong
  • Nicolas Durand
  • Philippe Normand
  • Pub Pit Caribou
  • Robert Tamilia
  • Société Québécoise d'Information Juridique
  • Sophie Desmarais
  • Stacy Parkinson
  • Valérie Tardif
  • Value Village


  • David A Elliott
  • BBBS Montreal Foundation
  • Grantek Systems Integration
  • Publishing Group la courte échelle inc.
  • Jason Castonguay
  • Mark Hubble
  • Montreal Youth Symphony Orchestra
  • WestJet


  • Justice Québec
  • Interligne
  • Coalition montréalaise des groupes jeunesse LGBT
  • Coalition familles LGBT
  • Gris Montréal
  • À deux mains
  • Projet 10
  • Montréal Autochtone
  • Public Health Agency of Canada
  • Blacbilio
  • Jamaica Association of Montreal Inc.
  • Black Students’ Network of McGill
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