Video games

Video games have been around since the early 1970s. The first commercial arcade video game, Computer Space by Nutting Associates, was introduced in 1971. In 1972, Atari introduced Pong to the arcades. An interesting item to note is that Atari was formed by Nolan Bushnell, the man who developed Computer Space. He left Nutting Associates to found Atari, which then produced Pong, the first truly successful commercial arcade video game.
Atari pong.
After the Atari came out with its smash hit "pong", the sales became to lag. That's when Nintendo, a video game company, came out with the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). One reason why the NES sold better than the Atari is because instead of using a joystick, they used a pad controller.

This game that is pictured above is one of the most revolutionary video game products ever. This game showed people what you could do in a video game. If this game did not come out, the games that you see today would not be here.

Over time video games ha

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