Salt Lake County Auxiliary Communication Team


The Salt Lake County Auxiliary Communication Team, also known as SLCo ACT, has been established and recognized by the State of Utah and the IRS as a 501(c)(3) organization.

The organization has three main focuses:

1) Supporting and enhancing communication during planned and unplanned events for public and private entities.

2) Maintaining and supporting communication hardware utilized by team members or the general Amateur Radio community.

3) Helping to facilitate training and enhancement of knowledge related to public safety communications, Amateur Radio and the overall support of public agencies communication needs.

"Careful, precise communication and coordination with different agencies meant that everyone was on the same page."


Repeater Fund

This program establishes a repeater fund intended to help support the maintenance and upkeep of several Amateur Radio repeaters in the Salt Lake valley. The most notable of these repeaters is the 146.700 and 448.450, located on Ensign Peak.

Planned Event Support

Our Planned Event Support program leverages the unique qualification and training of our specific team members. During events, we help bridge the communication gap between public and private entities to help ensure timely response to incidents and activities.

Education & Training

The focus of the Education and Training program is to help enhance the skills of communication resources through training exercises and ongoing exposure to agency radio traffic. These activities help to ensure a consistent delivery of communication and proper operating procedures during events and incidents.

How are you bridging the communications gap on your events?

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