Ramadan islamic holy month

Ramadan is from the Middle East and Northern Africa. It is from the Islamic faith. It is supposed to end disputes and be an act of kindness to everyone.
Ramadon is celebrated for 30 days each year. The days change from year to year. It depends on the sighting of the creasant moon. in 2016 it was celebrated from Friday, May 26th evening to Sunday, June 25th evening.
They can only eat before sunrise and after sundown. Cannot eat during the day.
Ramadan is kinda like Hannica because they celebrate for a little while then they get big presents on the last day. Like Ramadan they get presents on the last day of Ramadan.
This is a major holiday for Islams. They get out of work and school at noon to go pray.
Some girls during Ramadan get Henna done. It is permissible for girls to out Henna on. Some people say 'Ata' says "It is okay for women to dye there hands with Henna.
Allah has give in them the power to sacrifice any animals as long as they pronounce His name as a solemn of take a life away.

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