How to Save the Cheetahs From Becoming Extinct? By: Mack H.

The cheetahs are the oldest cat in the cat family, that can go up to 113 km/h in just 3 seconds. These amazing cats are being poached for their beautiful pelts and their grassland habitat for farming and manufacturing areas. As people tend to take the cheetahs grassland they also take their prey, water, cover sources for survival. The Cheetahs are also in 90% of unprotected areas, and have threatened the farmers that lead to trapping and shooting the wildcat.

Captivite is not cool! Some people think that having a cheetah is a symbol of wealth, so must family's that have a cheetah are rich and royalty, and these captivity also called “Illegal Wildlife Trade” . The reason why these cats are being in captivity is because they think that the people think that wildcats are easy to breed, but the cats don’t breed well in captivity because they need to be at their nature habitat and can’t be around humans. Sometimes, there is a demand of cheetah cubs, but the cheetah cubs come from the wild. So in the journey,for six cheetah cubs to come to captivate only one makes the journey. These illegal wildlife trade has gone so far that Asiatic cheetahs have become extinct!

Predators vs. more predators! This fast wildcat has been through alot, another thing that is making the cheetahs to die out are because there are bigger predators that threaten the cheetah to fight but the cheetah has a weak jaw which is easy to kill pray but hard to protect their kill and their cubs.

How can people save the wildcat? People think that they can breed the remaining cheetahs in captivity to save the remaining genetic variation. Some people, come with ways to save the cheetahs and some trap them in captivity, so let’s put our heads together and save the cheetahs.

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