Cherish your life Personal mission statement By abigail Adams

In my life I strive to be the best I can be for myself, and also for the people around me. Everywhere I go, I try to give a unique taste to all that I do because there is no one in the world that’s the exact same as me, because that’s what makes people beautiful. Be the person you want to be, not the person that society thinks you should be, and you will truly succeed and be happy.

I always strive to be myself in all that I do and am. Everyday I aim to help people and be generous. But also make sure I don’t lose myself in that or lose sight of what’s most important to me, always being Uniquely me no matter what people say. Because different and unique are the new beautiful.

I know that my life is not my own and circumstances in my life that might be hard are to test me. To never forget even if I feel alone the lord is my strength in my soul and my guiding hand. To thank him and praise him even when I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom, because from there, there is only up

It’s important to rejoice in the good things and cherish all of life's moments even the changes, because without changes their would be no butterflies.

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