The Calling of the Estates

King Louis XVI has called the Estates to meet after last being called in 1614. We, the french people, have now been out of the revolution in America for about 6 years. We ended the conflict which resulted in peace. France even helped solve this conflict and helped bring about The Treaty of Paris. This way the Americas and British could finally cease their fighting. After The Treaty of Paris, our beautiful country was, and continues to have, severe economic problems. Families have been struggling to feed themselves due to this horrible food shortage; not to mention the horrible rise in prices as well as the high unemployment. Though we, the local persons and tax payers, are struggling to provide for our families, the rich and noble continue to be rich and have things passed down on a silver platter with cake on it.

The Treaty of Paris was signed in 1783.
  • What will the Estates decide on for improving our economy?
  • Will the voice of our citizens finally be heard?

My prediction is that Louis XVI and other Estates wont listen to our opinions. They haven't listened before, why would they now? And if this does happen, what will we do to get our voices heard?

Louis XVI has been our king for 15 years and in those years all he has done is raise the debt. Hopefully he will finally see the light in this meeting. The Third Estate is supposed to represent us, the local class. If they fight hard enough, they can successfully get us fair treatment.

Louis XVI was is our king of 15 years.

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