High blood pressure By bani grover

Hypertension, or called high blood pressure (hbp) is a condition in which the force of the blood against the artery walls is too high.

How hbp ties in to cells

High blood pressure ties in with cells because hbp causes blood clotting in the arteries and arteries carry blood cells. The blood clots can lead to the heart which can go to heart failure.

What causes it/how to treat it

Connections with hbp

My mom has hbp. If you're parents have it then you have a big chance of getting it. So I wanted to research it just in case I get it. It also interests me to see how it affects people.

Signs and symptoms

Often it has no symptoms, over time could lead to heart disease and stroke. It has to be diagnosed by a medical professional but no tests are required. Fatigue is also caused by hbp at times.


To treat it you are supposed to eat less salt, exercise daily, take medication for it. It can last for years or be lifelong. Treating hbp is good for lowering risks of stroke (29-30%) heart disease (30-40%) kidney damage (15-20%) and death (10-15%).

Who to go to if you have hbp

PCP, primary care provider. Cardiologist, specializes in heart disorders. Nephrologist, focuses on kidney disorders.

Medication for hbp

Diuretic-increases urine production to get rid of excess salt and water. ACE inhibitor-relaxes blood vessels, lowers blood pressure, and prevents diabetes which is related to hbp.

Questions normally asked to doctors

What should be the treatment goal? How much medication do I need to treat my hypertension? What blood pressure level requires medications?

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