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Planting Wonder educational enrichment is designed to inspire elementary-school children. We provide unique arts integrated programs that support K-5 curriculum and nurture innate curiosity. We aim to sow the seeds of social-emotional well-being, collaborative thinking, and engagement in school.

Since 2015, we have worked with over 400 students, teachers, and families of low-performing high-poverty public schools in Los Angeles. Our goal is to increase our presence at current partner schools and develop new relationships with schools that can benefit from our efforts.

Summer Enrichment Camp, 2015, Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary, Watts

To expand our impact, we are seeking support from organizations and individuals. Donations help fund our programs:

  • Enrichment and summer programs
  • Quality materials and supplies
  • Professional development

Planting Wonder is a program of Grow Educators, a non-profit organization committed to the health and educational success of all students.


5th grade collage self portrait


The idea that sensory discoveries ignite cognitive connections guides our art curriculum. Individual and group projects are rooted in visual art fundamentals and grade level themes, yet students are encouraged to explore concepts and experiment with materials. The result: artwork that expresses both knowledge and creative choices.

2nd grade life science exploration


Hands-on, minds-on exploration nurtures a deeper understanding of the world around us. Students joyfully engage in open-ended learning experiences and kinetic dramatic play where the journey – not the end result – is the key. They collaborate with teachers and fellow students to question and reflect.

4th grade city planning


STEAM is Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math. Through the lens of these 21st century skills, students think about how and where they live, starting with their own communities. With boundless imagination and a focus on problem solving, they thoughtfully plan projects before building them.

Multi-grade level book making


A valued literacy component is incorporated into each of these disciplines to build students' confidence in reading, writing and story-telling.

"Grow Educators' Planting Wonder has been transformational in evoking creativity and caring at our school"

~ Dr. Akida Kissane-Long, Principal, Florence Griffith Joyner Elementary

We incorporate successful educational strategies:

  • Grow Educators' Social-Emotional Foundation Skills - Respect for one's self and others develops in a safe environment where students take responsibility for their actions and practice positive conflict-resolution.
  • The Reggio Emilia Way - Originating in Italy as a method of early education, the philosophy is that children seek out knowledge. Classrooms are designed to provoke curiosity, and teachers are the guides to discovery.
  • Constructivism - According to this research-based concept, people construct their knowledge through experiences and reflections. This translates to the classroom as learning by process and evaluation.

We offer custom classes and provide supplies and resources:

  • School-Day Sessions
  • After-School Workshops
  • Summer Enrichment
  • Teaching Specialists
  • Classroom Set-Up
  • Quality Materials
  • Parent Engagement Events
Parent Engagement Day, 2015, Woodcrest Elementary, Westmont

For information about donating to Planting Wonder, or bringing our program to your school, please contact:


ANGELA DYBORN Founder, Director, Teaching & Curriculum Specialist

Angela is the Director of GrowEducators.Org, Founder of Planting Wonder Enrichment, and an Arts and Cross Curricular Project Integration Specialist with Growing Educators. Angela transitioned from an executive position with an international clothing manufacturer to a career rooted in her life long passion, advocating for the arts and education in under-served communities of Los Angeles. She has facilitated projects at schools in CCUSD, LAUSD, and at the UCLA Lab School. She has been a parent school leader and has been recognized for her volunteer work, winning the CCUSD Education Foundation Volunteer of the Year Award in 2005 from Linwood E Howe, Gold Medal School and in 2015 from Culver Park High School. She is a 2015-2016 ARTS for LA Activate Fellow and a Certified Social-Emotional Arts Facilitator.

RONNI KASS Co-founder, Teaching Artist, Curriculum Developer

As a professional graphic designer, and a mother, Ronni understands the value of art in school. She is a passionate arts education advocate and has volunteered for decades, in schools and after-school programs, encouraging children to find their voice and spark through art. In 2010, she founded the Art Outreach Program at Linwood Howe Elementary School in Culver City; guiding the evolution of the school-wide art program and serving as its coordinator for 5 years. This work led to her involvement in Grow Educators and the inception of Planting Wonder. Ronni holds a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the University of Michigan.
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