Georgia O'Keefe Andrew Nash, A period, November 28, 2016

Georgia O'Keefe was an American painter. She was born on November 15, 1887 and she passed away on March 6, 1986. Georgia was born in Sun Prairie, WIsconsin on her families wheat farm. She always attended school and became very well educated.
Georgia is most famous for her flower paintings. She painted with many cool colors. The Navajo Indians helped to inspire her works. She also loved the state of New Mexico and the various landscapes which she used in her art.
Yellow Hickory Leaves with Daisy, 1928, 30x40in, Alfred Stieglitz collection
My Front Yard, Summer, 1941, 20x30in, Georgia O'Keefe Museum
Black Stars with Stars and Blue, 1929, 40x30in, Private Collection
From the River- Pale, 1959, 41x31in, Georgia O'Keefe Museum
From the Faraway, Nearby, 1959, 36x40in, Metropolitan Museum of Art New York
I really like this photo. I can really relate to it because I hunt all the time and if I were to kill a buck this size It would be awesome. I also love how she uses the landscape of what appears to be a desert with the skull just sitting in the middle. I love the dark blue of the sky and how it fades beautifully into the orange horizon.

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