Grace Ministry Pastor's letter & Announcement

Dear Grace Ministry family in Christ,

May God's peace be with you in this time of uncertainty.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our worship, all activities, and small groups have been suspended until further notice. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee when we will see each other at church.

In the midst of the spread of the virus, I have received an email from one of my colleagues. That email reminded me that this is time to reflect on Jesus Christ and his ministry more deeply. In the Gospel, Jesus traveled through towns and villages curing and healing people who were physically and spiritually ill. The blind man was able to see (Jn 9); Zacchaeus, who was socially isolated, met Jesus and became a faithful follower (Lk 19); the lives of a little girl and Lazarus were restored to a new life after death (Mt 9, Jn 11). At Jesus’ command, the sick were healed; the darkness was gone; the hopeless turned to hope.

Even though everyone utters the incantation, “Keep social distance,” in order to protect oneself, let’s continue our conversation through our prayers. Let’s empower our unity and vitalize our relationships by ministering to each other.

During this Lenten season, I invited you to read the Gospel of John. The first chapter of John proclaims that Jesus Christ is the true light – light to everyone – came down to the earth, although the world did not know who Jesus was. The miracle of incarnation happened to us. This reminds us that His true light has been embedded in our lives. Although sin still remains in us, sin does not dominate us anymore. Our lives are transformed to a newness in the light of God from darkness, hopelessness and helplessness. Jesus, the incarnated God, dwells among us. The true light becomes the true hope in our lives. I hope that we may experience Jesus' healing love that transforms our fear and worry to hope and peace every day.

Sisters and brothers in Christ, I will continue to pray that all of us can experience God's breath and live in our daily lives, while you are surrounded by your children; while you commute to your work places; while you deal with the pile of laundry and constant chores. -- We can feel God’s breath whenever we breathe.

When Martha was grieving for her brother, Lazarus’ death, Jesus wiped her tears and encouraged her to hold the hope of resurrection. Jesus indicated that “Resurrection is standing right there in front her. He is the Resurrection and the life, and he was there.” (Rev. Magrey deVega, Embracing the Uncertain, 47)

May God's breath empower your daily lives.


1. Pastor's letter

- You will receive my letter once every week. I will keep you updated. If you have any announcements or comments, please feel free to contact me.

2. Online Worship

- Online Worship on our website/Youtube: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may continue to have our Sunday worship virtually until you receive further notice . Although we can’t gather together physically, we are still one in Christ Jesus who worships God and serves our sisters and brothers.

Please don’t forget our Sunday worship at 10AM every Sunday on our YouTube channel. You can search “Grace Ministry Cherry Hill” on the Youtube search bar. You can simply go to our website (www.graceministrynj.com) to find the link for the virtual worship.

I invite the congregation and our children to participate in our virtual worship - call to worship, scripture reading, and prayer, etc. If you are willing to participate, please let me know. You can record your voice on your phone or video recording and send the recording file to me via text or email.

4/5 - THIS WEEK - Please prepare any food and drink for the Love Feast during the virtual Sunday worship.

3. Online Offering

Even though we can’t gather together, you can still participate and support Grace Ministry via the online giving option. Please click the link below for more details about our Online Giving.

4. Easter Sunday

Unfortunately, we will probably not be able to gather for Easter Sunday. However, since it is a big celebration for us as Christians, let’s make it special through our own voices. Each family and individual can send a selfie or video with your greetings for Easter and send that file to me via text or email until April 8th. I will compile them to make a short video clip for Easter.

5. Welcome Our New Boy

- One of our family members in Christ, Steve Park and SunHee Park, finally welcomed their first baby, Calvin Park in March. Please welcome him as our new family member. Continue to pray for the first-time parents and for the mother's recovery.

6. Small Group

We are planning to begin a virtual small group via a ZOOM conference call. Many congregation members are missing each other and eager to get connected soon. So the adult education team and I will set a schedule for the small groups. The committee and I will try to make temporary groups to study the Bible and pray for one another via ZOOM.

7. Daily Devotional

You will receive daily devotionals via MailChimp everyday next week. If you know anyone who is not on the email list, please let me know. I am looking for volunteers who can share her/his personal devotional note once in a while. Any type of devotional note would be fine. Please take this as an opportunity to encourage and console our brothers and sisters through your devotional words. The length or style does not matter!

8. Bible Handwriting

Thank you for signing up for the Bible handwriting project for Lent 2020. We still have some open spots. Please sign up and take this project as your own devotional – reading and writing the Word of God every day! Let’s postpone the due date from May 3 to June 7. I hope we can resume our regular gatherings and worship around that time. If you need more Bible writing paper that is specially designed for this project, please feel free to let me know. I can mail it out or deliver it to you.

In the Peace of Christ,

Pastor Sean Lee


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