W/c March 6th Reflective Journal


I've been coming up with a few ideas of how i want the protagonist of our project to look i was inspired by classic horror games like silent hill and alone in the dark for the unique creature designs as well as techniques like snap cameras and enemy sounds that bring the player to the edge of their seat and think twice about proceeding through the level.

I am going to research the idea of having a death counter implemented into our project, this idea was given to me by tom and i think it would further our game as a death counter would give the player a drive to do well and even to beat their friends at the game by clearing levels with fewer deaths.

Me and tom came up with the idea of giving our characters limited offensive weapons i.e no guns, bombs, power ups ect instead we favored giving our characters linear melee weapons to start with i.e knives and bats and then as the proceed through the game they can acquire new weapons like a samurai sword or even a crossbow, this choice was made to add to the horror elements of the game and to keep the player as close to the action and the horror as possible.

If we started giving the characters guns and grenades then the player will start to feel to safe and the horror aspect we are mainly going for will be diminished significantly

The environments and the background textures also help further this mechanic by making the player feel like they are truly alone playing this game and that no one is going to help them.


I have researched and collected multiple concept art from recent horror games like resident evil 7 this helps inspire me to come up with new environments and design for our project.

During the talk we had from Tiffany who works at codemasters i found new inspiration to look at different aspects of the games industry and i know understand more about possible paths i can take after the course.

I am hoping to learn from my mistakes in my previous unreal project by researching how to overcome problems that occurred in the past, i am also hoping to become more independent when it comes to problem solving and not rely so much on others solving the problems for me.

I hope our upcoming talk about VR will inspire me to think of new and innovative techniques to make our project better.

After researching different weapons used in previous horror games and films i have considered giving my main character a chance to dual wield weapons they already have like swords and maybe even crossbows.


During the talk we had i got to learn more about the design ideas behind each level including things like shaping the landscape to give the player subtle hints as to wear to go. This is also used in terms of lighting for example a route with two paths one may be lit and one may be darkened this is to indicate to the player that the lit path is the one they should go down to precede. However the developer will always leave something for the player to collect if they go down the darkened path this is used as a reward for the player for going off the beaten track and exploring.

I also got to ask how best to manage my time when it comes to my project and i learned that to best manage my time on this project i must not spend too much time on different aspects of the project i should quickly get a rough playable level first and see if it is indeed playable then add the refined details on top afterwards.

I also learned what is required of me to be in a certain role in the industry be it art, design, the community ect i hope to see if i can demonstrate any of these specific traits in my own future projects.

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Shane Swift


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