TMBS News October 2020


I wanted to start this newsletter by offering a huge thank you to all of our students, parents and staff. The last seven months have been some of the most difficult we have ever faced, but I am incredibly proud of how we have pulled together as a school and a community.

Whilst the challenges we face in education are immense, I know everybody here at TMBS is committed to playing their part in the national fight against Coronavirus. It is more important now more than ever that we provide stability and support for the children in our care, and we will continue to do this to the best of our ability.

Young people today don’t always get the credit they deserve, but even a quick look at this newsletter shows just how amazing ours are. Smiles, resilience, achievement and compassion. Thank you to everybody who has supported us in some way this term, small or large it has made an enormous difference.

Best wishes. Mr Wilson, Principal

Perfect Presentation

Joshua and George wowed their Year 8 class and Miss Hooton recently with their amazing 'Development Park' presentation. To accompany their presentation, George and Josh baked and brought in shortbread and cinnamon swirls for the group to showcase their talents even further. Miss Hooton is so delighted at the effort they went to and would like to congratulate them on an incredibly successful presentation. Well done, Josh and George! Miss Hooton is very proud!

Year 7 Transition

At the start of term, to help Year 7 students settle in and get talking to each other, they were given the task of focusing on 3 words: Resilience, Responsibility & Independence. They worked on this in their first few weeks of joining us and then presented their posters in assembly.

We needed responsibility because we had to remember what we needed each day. We needed independence because we had to do things for ourselves. We then needed resilience because even if things were hard we had to keep going. These character traits helped me a lot in the first couple of days and still are helping me to develop. Evie 7A
These words helped us more on taking responsibility for ourselves. It also helped us being resilient to never give up. These words also helped us to get to know each other a lot more. Theo 7B

Year 7 Inter-form Competition

The Year 7 inter-form competition was a challenge to work as a tutor team to create a work of art. They had to work together as a whole team and as small sub teams to produce a picture that will become their tutor's identity and displayed on the tutor room wall! The results were amazing and very varied and were judged by a panel in an assembly. The top three were as follows: 1st place - 7F (Miss Hartland), 2nd place - 7D (Mrs Moore), 3rd place - 7E (Miss Hooton)

The big picture was an amazing way to start the year as a Year 7. We made lots of things to show out tutor group (textiles). We put threads in some of our rectangles for our picture. We made some dragonflies with our faces on them to show that we are different. We also had the idea of making 2 paper chains to show that we are one. Kevin 7F 1st Place
It was good working as a team to create an amazing picture. We worked in groups to make a part of the picture. To represent 7D we used French cartoon characters considering we are a French tutor. We all though it was really fun because we got to show off our creativity and artistic skills. We are very proud of ourselves for coming 2nd. Aimee 7D 2nd Place
We made a shield with all our favourite colours as the lines and the yellow outline resembling our yellow bands. This was a good challenge because it got us used to each other as we needed to work in a team. Our whole tutor group really enjoyed this task including Miss Hooton, as we all put our own bit of us into the picture. Harold 7E 3rd Place

Year 7 have also explored the power of a smile and spreading smiles, and have looked at the following poem:

Smiling is infectious.You can catch it like the flu. When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too. I passed around the corner and someone saw my grin. When I smiled I realised I'd passed it on to him. I thought about that smile, then I realised it's worth. A single smile, just like mine could travel around the earth. So, if you feel a smile begin, don't leave it undetected. Let's start an epidemic quick, and get the world infected!
Why not share a smile with someone today?

Year 8 Inter-form Competition

For this half term's inter-form challenge, Year 8 were tasked with designing a project that encompassed and encouraged kindness. Each tutor group worked hard for 6 weeks and the results were astonishing.

8A Created a Market Bosworth shield filled with welcoming and motivational messages for our new Year 7s. They then scattered the messages throughout the Year 7 social space for them to find and reconstruct the shield!

8B made some beautiful posters promoting kindness in all its forms!

8C displayed their ingenuity by crafting a tickertape box filled with acts of kindness!

8D created a moving video montage of acts of kindness they had all done at home. These included baking cakes for elderly neighbours, reading to younger siblings, helping parents with chores, sending letters to friends far away and so much more!

8E made a bowl of kindness, filled with delicious treats and acts of kindness they had noticed one another doing. It was also decorated with some fantastic art work!

8F performed powerful poetry, created a beautiful rainbow display and bunting made of each tutor members handprint and instructions for acts of kindness.

8G made a ginormous instructive flag, listing ideas on how to be kind day to day

Miss McGraw was incredibly touched and proud of all the entries she saw.

Hello Yellow

Students at TMBS took part in Young Minds #HellowYellow day recently to promote awareness and to challenge stigma surrounding mental health.

Year 7s created some jigsaw pieces sharing what makes them feel happy and the things they do to lift their spirits when they are feeling down. They also identified some key strengths in themselves such as kindness, resilience and being a good team player.

Oliie & Susannah made a fantastic effort and showed originality with their yellow shoe laces!

Willow went above and beyond with her fabulous handmade earrings! She made several pairs and kindly shared them with her friends. Well done Willow!

Year 11 News


Tuesday 27th, Wednesday 28th, & Thursday 29th October. These are being held in separate sessions for social distancing purposes.


Monday 23 November through to Thursday 4th December. Timetables will be issued by Friday 6th November. Why not prepare a mock revision timetable using a Google Sheets (Schedule).


It is so important that your attendance is the best it can be this year!

Think about this!

  • Our student attendance target is minimum 97%
  • 97% = almost 6 days or 28 lessons = 28 hours missed
  • This means that you will have missed 28 hours learning compared to someone who has 100% attendance.

Maths News

Virtual Numeracy Evening

The Maths staff at TMBS wanted to ensure that Year 7 parents still had the opportunity to ‘attend’ our annual Numeracy Evening. Given the current situation, we have gone virtual! The Maths team has recorded a number of videos to help you assist your child at home in key areas of the curriculum covered in Year 7 and beyond - if you would like to access the videos (even if you aren’t a Year 7 parent) then you can find them here: https://www.tmbs.leics.sch.uk/Curriculum/Maths/

Numeracy Ninjas

We’ve launched Numeracy Ninjas weekly across all of our Key Stage 3 classes to build on and improve key numeracy skills. Our students are thoroughly enjoying improving their scores and working up the belt colours. Each month we reward two students per class with ‘Numeracy Ninjas of the Month’. These are students who have shown improvement or consistency throughout the month. September saw our first Ninjas. Well done Ninjas and keep up the good work!

Mathematician of the Month

In Maths, we want to award the outstanding, the enthusiastic and those who do not give up! As such, we have introduced Mathematician of the Month across Key Stage 3 and 4. Each teacher nominates a student from each key stage who meets the following criteria:

  • Displays outstanding enthusiasm and commitment in all mathematics lessons;
  • Demonstrates inquisitivity, resilience and always strives to do their best!

This month saw Olivia in Year 10 win the KS4 Mathematician of the Month for ensuring she contributes to every lesson even when she is unsure in her own answer....she always has a go!

The winner of the KS3 Mathematician of the Month was Grace in Year 8. Grace has demonstrated excellent resilience and high effort in and out of the classroom. Well done to our winners, our nominees and all students at TMBS for their fantastic efforts this half term!


Firstly I would like to congratulate my classes of 2020. They were a really talented group of young people who were always a pleasure to teach. I was absolutely devastated when we went into lockdown. However I do feel their final grades reflected the true superstars they really were. During their final practical moderation they all demonstrated so many amazing traits - resilience, determination, perseverance and teamwork, to name but a few. It is for this reason I know they will thrive in the future. Thank you.... my unique and talented class of 2020 ....who rose up in the face of adversity. Wishing you every success in the future from Ms Armstrong and Kahoot!

My current Year 11 group are working hard towards their mock exams in November. They have remained focused and committed over lockdown completing paper 2 and trying to stay fit and healthy despite a lot of their sports clubs being closed. The NEA (non-exam assessment) has been amended to two sports which they have all identified and have started to collect video evidence for. All sports will now be assessed remotely rather than cross moderated live with other schools because of Covid.

I have been really impressed with a recent end of unit test they have all completed on the Sports Psychology topics. Their work over lockdown and having access to the online resource Everlearner has obviously paid off. Keep up the great work everyone.

It has also been a pleasure to start working with my new Year 10 GCSE groups. Again there is an array of talent. The students have identified 17 different sports that they potentially would like to be assessed in. They have started to write resumes linked to their chosen sports and similar to the Year 11s, have started to collect video evidence and photographs of their major achievements so far.

We have focused on Components of fitness. Fitness testing and Principles of training during this half term in theory. The first end of unit test looked really promising. We have our second one on the last Thursday of this half term.

The group have been working on Athletics and Table Tennis in their practical sessions. Keep up the great work everyone. We can do this! Ms Armstrong

Grace's Golfing Success

We'd like to say a big congratulations to Year 10 student, Grace, who continues to be successful in her Golf.

KS4 Hexathlon

During KS4 PE, a group of boys in Years 10 and 11 have taken part in a 6 event athletics competition; a Hexathlon. The 6 events comprise of 3 runs; 100, 200, & 800 metres, and 3 throws; shot, discus, and javelin. The times and distances achieved are then converted into points so that each event has equal weighting.

Whilst the hexathlon has created fun and lively competition, it has also enabled the boys to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses across the range of components of fitness required for the different events. The gold, silver, and bronze winners will undoubtedly come from those with the most all round attributes of strength, power, speed, and endurance.

With the final event to come, the 800m, the top of the leader board is tight in both year groups. Only Quinnan in Y11 looks safe in gold position. The scoring for the 800 gives 1 point for every 3 seconds, meaning that Jack would have to beat him by 15 seconds (around 100m) to make up the difference. A tall order indeed! Good luck with that one Jack.

Year 10:

  • Oliver Sumner 75
  • Sam Tarratt 73
  • Elliott Robinson 70
  • Isaac Spencer 68
  • Owen Lowe 66

Year 11:

  • Quinnan Lee-Almond 87
  • Jack Bebb 83
  • Harvey Robey 82
  • Torin Stilgoe 78
  • Mackenzie Reading 71

Virtual School Games Mark

During lockdown we had the chance to get very creative as a PE department to give our students a range of new opportunities and challenges to participate in. This included ‘Trickshot Challenge’, ‘Lockdown Games’, Boules and the ‘Premier League Challenge’ where, as a school we walked, jogged, swam and cycled over 1600 miles. We were incredibly proud to see so many of our students continuing to participate and stay physically active throughout an incredibly tough period in their lives.

The continued commitment of our students to participate and represent the school was duly rewarded after our award winning performance in the LRS Virtual School Games. The school finished a commendable 2nd place in the Spirit of the Games award which helped us earn our Virtual School Games mark. The award was presented by Chris Ripley, HBSSPAN manager, to our individual LRS award winners: Charlie (Year 8), Briony (Year 8) and Josh (Year 10).

The Show Will Go On

Things have been a little different in Music this year. Like everyone, we had to put a stop to all of our clubs and plans for performances last year. On the bright side, things have slowly started to return to some sort of normality. Our singing and orchestral clubs are now being run in year group bubbles whilst maintaining social distance.

Year 7 singing club and Year 10 orchestra

We had an art competition over the lockdown period and also decorated the practice rooms, Peripatetic lessons have also started again with a few modifications.

Guitar lesson led by Mr Sweeney and Woodwind lesson led by Mrs Mitchell

Anti-bullying Awareness

We are currently in the process of renewing our beyond bullying award, aiming for gold.

We will be taking part in the Anti-Bullying week “united against bullying”.

KS3 students will have the opportunity to take part in creating the school's anti bullying charter followed by odd sock day on Monday 16th November. Keep an eye on twitter for upcoming information and events.

TMBS Fundraising Committee

Between October last year and March this year, departments across the school were busy coming up with ideas to raise money for the TMBS Fundraising Committee. A lot of these were hampers or other raffle items at parents’ evenings or performing arts showcases. Over £2000 was raised during the year, and this money has been distributed to departments and has been used to buy various things, all of which will directly benefit students.

  • Music - Mr Morrow bought a new electric piano to be used for showcases and performances offsite in the future, although it has already been used in our socially distant music clubs running at lunchtimes.
  • Science - The science department have bought some top pan balances. This will enable the students to take measurements of the mass of objects/reactants to a much greater degree of precision. This will be especially beneficial to GCSE students in their chemistry lessons, but also all students across the department.
  • PE - The PE department were very thankful to receive the £290 fundraising grant for a class set of Boxercise equipment, this will prove essential for our KS3 students when on their fitness block of learning and our KS4 vCert Health and Fitness students when investigating the different methods of training. It will also provide a new activity for our KS4 Core PE groups. Thank you to everyone who contributed and Miss Armstrong and Mrs Donlan for their efforts in supporting the fundraising activities.
  • Humanities - The humanities department will buy some visualisers to be used across the department.
  • SEND - The SEND department have bought an E reader pen to be used in exams. This will be hugely beneficial to some of our SEND students, and will help them access the exams much more effectively.
  • Design - The design department has bought visualisers and light boxes, which will make practical demonstrations in lessons much easier for students to see how activities should be completed safely.
  • French - We have finally managed to get our old curtains replaced after more than 20 years! We now have some lovely blinds which not only make the classrooms much more hygienic, they make them a much more pleasant learning environment for students and staff. We would like to thank the TMBS Fundraising Committee for giving us some money towards this, it’s made such a difference to all of us!

Cross Country News

The Schools Cross Country event at Prestwold Hall is back and will be held on Saturday 31st October. This will be a unique completely socially distanced race and not in waves. Entrants will be limited to 130 per race so enter early! More information can be found via the following links: https://funtorun.co.uk/lxc/ https://www.stuweb.co.uk/events/2020/10/31/3920/

The Snack Shack

To help with social distancing around the school we now have the 'Snack Shack' for Years 8 & 9 to use. At break time we offer hot items including chicken burgers, sausage rolls, cheesy bagels, pain au chocolate and sausage cobs, as well as various drinks and healthier snacks. Baguettes and sandwiches are also available to buy at break time.

During lunch time we offer a hot pie option as well as various home made cakes, jellies & fruit salad pots. Students still have the option of using the dining room at lunch for a hot sit down meal if they wish.

Judging by the queues, the 'snack shack' is proving to be a hit. We're always open to menu suggestions for the shack so please feel free to send any ideas in to Mr Palmer, Catering Manager.

PLEASE, PLEASE also remember to regularly check your child's catering account and top up if necessary. We are currently sending around 30 messages every day to parents whose children have overspent on their accounts, which equates to approximately £120 lost revenue for our canteen!

TES National Awards

All of us at TMBS would like to offer huge Congratulations to Mr Wilson for being shortlisted for Headteacher of The Year in the 2020 TES Awards. Humbled by the news, he was the first to acknowledge ‘it’s a team effort.’

Up and down the country there are lots of schools that deserve a huge amount of recognition for the work that is being done, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for a successful evening in November. Well done Mr Wilson, it’s a fantastic and well-deserved achievement.

Children In Need 2020

Year 7 TMBS students would normally be getting ready to run their own fundraising afternoon to raise money for BBC Children in Need. However, as with many things we have had to rethink things this year.

Our Year 7 students have missed out on lots due to the current pandemic and we want to give them the opportunity to get involved, spend some time together and rise to the challenge of beating last year's fundraising total.

This year, on Friday 13th November, we will be hosting a non-uniform day, with the theme being ‘COME AS YOURSELF’ and students will be asked to donate £1 to Children in Need. Also on this day, Yr 7 will be taking part in a year group challenge based around the Children in Need and Countryfile Ramble, details of which will be shared with students after half term.

In the meantime we are offering all students at TMBS the chance to support the school’s fundraising efforts by organising their own Sponsored Ramble. Since lockdown began there has been a real strain on people's mental health and mental health charities and Children in Need are providing a lot of support for those in need.

Check out the link below for BBC Children in Need to see how to organise your very own Ramble. This could be a fantastic opportunity to spend time with friends or family (applying by local COVID restrictions), take time to chat and enjoy the fresh air, while raising money for the fantastic cause that is Children in Need.