Carvey By: Michelle

I got this idea from a movie that I loveeee to see. The movie is from an American girl doll. Some people might think I'm crazy because I like dolls and I'm 12 year old, but American girl dolls are more then just dolls. I wanted to show that the Eiffel Tower is an important Tower for me. I search online how to draw the Eiffel Tower and the picture in the background is what I choosy to draw.

After I found my inspiration I try to draw it as my best I could. After I draw the Eiffel Tower I wanted to make it my own so I was thinking of drawing a sun which my name. I did't really like it so I cross it out and on the sides of the Eiffel Tower I put 1 M on each side. Their was a problem when I was going to carve the lines where to tin so then I had to go back and go over the lines to be more thick.

First of all I had to air droop it to my computer and then save it to jpg. Then I had to go to Chrome and type Then I had to log in. After I had to make a new project and rename it Michelle. Next, I had to changer the material to Two-color HD...., also I change the bit some to 1/16. After I had to click Image Trace and then Upload file. Then I had to open my folder and find the drawing of the Eiffel Tower in jpg file. Next, I drag to the page and my image appear and then click import. After I make sure the image was 1 inch space around the edge. Then I had to change the depth to be 3/16. Then I had to make sure that their was no red Marks. Finally I had to click Simulate to see how long it takes.

To get the carvey machine you first have to get your tile in place and turn the little green nobs to keep the tile in place. Next, you have to log in to easel and get your project ready. After you have to click in cut button and make the bit to 1/16 to carve. Next, you have to click carve and it will tell you how much time would it talk to carve. Finally when the carvey is done you have to turn the little green nobs to get the carvey out and you have to use the backcomb cleaner to clan all of the sheds.

For the carvey you have to be really pasion. It talks a long time to carve. One of the parts that was exciting is that all of the time it tock to carve at the end is worth it because know your own dressing is formed from a picture to a tile! I learn that the carvey machine is not had to use it look really had to use.

I think that I did a okay job on my carvey. At the end I realized that my drawing was not as good because one side of the tower was more taller then the other one. I aslso left a lot of blank spaces and I think that I could add something else to my carvey. One of the interesting parts of my carvey was how the carvey machine got all of the small things inside. I think that at the end my first project was good!

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