What's YOUR story? It's all about you

As we sat on my couch during Danielle's senior picture consultation, her favorite book came up. She described the main character, a spunky Victorian Era young woman who would often times escape to the apple orchard to think, create, vent, and SPIN.

Amazon to the rescue - I ordered the book before she had even left my house.

A few days later, as I put down the book after finishing it, I noticed the cover for the first time - and then I KNEW - we had to recreate the cover...with Danielle as the star. That photo you see up ^^^ there ^^^? Yeah, that's her! {eeek}

So that is the gist of what we'll do together - explore your talents, interests, and hobbies, and then plan an amazing session where YOU shine!

The biggest compliment that I get is, "Your portraits are not like everyone else's - I can actually see my friends' personality in them".

We use locations that are unique to YOU. If you are a city boy, I'm not putting you in a field!

We showcase YOUR hobbies and interests!

So....how do you get in on this FABulous experience? I'm so glad you asked!

  • Sign up for my NEWSLETTER
  • I will email everyone on "The List" in May of your junior year
  • We set up your free consultation...
  • and THEN we get cracking!

"And how much does this cost???"

A normal high school senior spends around $1000. You can spend more. You can spend less. My job is to make you love your senior portraits SO MUCH that you want allllll of them! We cover all of your options during the consultation.

Let's do this!

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