|Advertising Unit| Spencer penman 9s2


  • Tapping in to desire + creating need
  • Getting out a message + shifting the product
  • Using images + words
  • Creates illusion that its directed at you, the individual viewer.
  • Ads are everywhere -> you can't escape them!
  • $450 billion spent annually (dd figures)
  • Coca-cola's ad spending has led to global brand recognition
  • Leo Burnett - Created personalities as products. E.G. - Timothy the tiger -> Frosties (connects with the audience)
  • ----------------- Rosser Reevs-----------------
  • Simplistic, Repetitive boats = "the hard sell"
  • Direct + ________ -> repetitive
  • "imitate your way into peoples consciousness"
  • Unique selling proposition (USP) = reason why
  • Highlighting how product was different from others on malet
  • Repetition of the USP --> association
  • ----------------- Bill Bernbach-----------------
  • More sophisticated audience --> move sophisticated advertising
  • Audience has a brain
  • Blending creativity + out with marketing + commence


  • Branding - What a product represents (lifestyle, personality, identity, values, qualities, look.)
  • Media saturation - When we are bombarded with averts, 3,00 a day according to the documentary and that was over 20 years ago.
  • Objectification - The seeing and /or treating a person, usually a woman, as an object. In the representation of woman, this is often sexual objectification.
  • Gender roles - For women gender roles are often limited to housewife or a sex object, For men, roles are often represented as the breadwinner and being served by women
  • Dismemberment - Cropping and fragmentation of the female body in media images which encouraged objectification. Often this is the legs or part of the torso.
  • Metro Sexual - A man who is attracted to women sexually, but who is also interested in fashion and his appearance
  • Metro Sexual - A neologism (a made up word with metropolitan + sexuality) to represent a changing economic trend in male shopping and representation from dating in the 80s.
  • Spornosexual - A neologism (a made up word with sport + porn + metrosexual).
  • Spornosexual - The spornosexual is a more extreme breed of man than his metro forebear. He is just as plucked, tanned and moisturised, but leaner, buffer, more jacked and obsessed not just with "looking good" in the abstract, but with the actual physical proportions of his frame: the striation of his abs, the vascularity of his biceps, the definition of his calves.
  • Lumbersexual - A lumbersexual or urban lumberjack is a man who has adopted style traits typical of a traditional lumberjack, namely a beard, plaid shirt, and scruffy hair, substituting otherwise clean-cut and fashionable style choices.

|Male representation In advertising|

  • Rise of the male glamour model
  • Objectification
  • Construction of the ideal male body
  • Focus on abs, pecs and crotch.
  • The female/Male gaze

|abercrombie and fitch case study|

PALETTE - What sort of range of colours is used? Light, dark, bright, subdued, autumnal, bold, pastel? What word describes it best? - Usually dark, sensual kind of colours, to try and work up the kind of sexual tension.

VISUAL HIERARCHY - What is the most important visual element in the composition? What else is important? - Most of the time the shot is focused on the crotch, abs and pecs. I think that the brand wants to include the above, as women are naturally attracted to it.

SHOT - What type of camera shot is used? What angle (high level, low level, eye level?) What distance (ECU, CU, MS, LS, ELS?) - High/Low level, if the man is shirtless, they usually try to focus on that the most, as like what I said above, women are attracted to it.

TYPOGRAPHY - What typefaces or fonts are used? Serif, sans-serif, handwriting fonts? - Bold, stand out fonts. I think that they want to make the company name to stand out, but also want the model to stand out.

COMPOSITION - Vertical, horizontal, z-shaped, spiral? -

EDITING - Has the image been heavily edited?- I think that in some of the pictures, the male body hasn't been made to look that much more muscly but has been made to look a little sharper so that the abs, pecs and sometimes crotch are made more bold.

LAYOUT AND DESIGN - Text / image ratio? Is the layout clean or busy? - In a few of the examples, the layout is quite busy, but also like this example, the focus is on the model, and the text is to the side.

|The lab:decoy - a portrait session with a twist review|

After watching this video, I can take away, that people can justify and choose what they want others to take away from the photograph that they've taken. One good example is the ex-inmate photo, they've made him look as scary or fearful as possible.

|FALse advertising|

They are both claiming the false things - the cigarette one was saying that it is good for your throat, as well as Maltesers , chocolate has been proven to be bad for you.

That cigarettes are good for you, kind of saying its a heath product. Malteseres are saying that they can make you slim, like a slimming product, but no- chocolate does the opposite.x

No they couldn't - as today chocolate has been said its bad for you, and ciggarrettes are completely bad for you - and now have a bad reputation

|Diversity in advertising|

I think that after reading the article, and watching the video that it is safe to say that gay/lesbian people are becoming a norm, not like 50 years ago where society would most likely reject the homosexual people. As well as the people with disabilities, when looking at even advertisements, people on wheelchairs or crutches, aren't seen as different, as even 20 years ago, it would have been easy to identify the disabled. But now we have all learnt to blend in and accept all different kind of people.

Advertising regulation

  • No sexism or racism
  • Do not mislead
  • No inappropriate adverts to children
  • No negative stereotyping
  • No air brushing
  • No sexually explicit content
  • Appropriate placement location
  • No nudity

Legal, Decent, Honest and Truthful

Exploring the work of the asa

  1. Add Number 3. - Paypal, 464 complaints. People (children as well) were complaining because the kids had been starting to worry that it was actually their parents buying them the presents, ending up in the kids doubting the existence of Father Christmas.
  2. Add number 10. - Omega Pharma LTD. - 136 complaints. "After seeing a photo of her friend who had lost weight, the other woman in the ad was unhappy about not being able to fit into her holiday wardrobe" - this can result in people feeling bad about their body, and having less self confidence.
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