Jesus-Centered Life youth devotion no.01

An Acronym Gone Bad

Remember the “What Would Jesus Do?” movement? A few years ago it was really big. The central question people were asking themselves was simple: “If Christians are supposed to be following Jesus, why aren’t they making more of an impact in their daily lives?” The movement’s answer was to imagine what everyday life might be like if all of us simply talked and acted more like Jesus. Well, that would change everything—especially if we took a Taco Bell burrito, blessed it, and fed a stadium full of people with it. But, by any measure, the WWJD movement didn’t change everything.

Maybe the “Christian” lives we think we’re living are actually disconnected from who Jesus really is. It’s fine to imagine what we think Jesus might do when a friend betrays us or the test comes back with a “D” on it or we break our finger in a fluke accident right before the big game, but really the whole thing desperately depends on how well we really know the true Jesus, doesn’t it? Here’s something profound: We can miss Jesus entirely by arrogantly assuming that our imagined responses to a partially understood Jesus mean that we’re really following Jesus.

Q: In one sentence, what does “following Jesus” mean to you, anyway?

Living It Out

Quick, go find a pencil and a piece of paper...We’ll hum while we wait for you to get back...

Since this little devotion is all about rediscovering Jesus, it’s a good idea to consider how you currently view Him, imagine Him, and describe Him.

On your paper, write down a bunch of stuff about Jesus; anything you want. One-word descriptions, things you know He said, miracles he performed, whatever comes to mind. Fill that thing up, as quickly as you can. You might even want to write your answer to today’s question: “What does following Jesus mean to you?”

Come back to this first exercise from time to time to see how your picture of Jesus is changing, maturing, morphing, and, best of all, how it’s beginning to change you along the way!