CRA Newsletter - 22.01.2021 Half Term 3 - January 22nd 2021

Principal's Update

Another week in lockdown has passed and students and staff are doing well.

We have had another excellent week with high quality online lessons and are seeing greater involvement in the various sessions. Staff have been learning about different technology they can use with Teams and some staff have been trialling a white board that the individual student and teacher can see but others on the call can’t. Every week staff are reflecting on what might bring even better engagement and make the online experience as positive for the students as possible. We are aware of the concerns about 5 hours of looking at a screen so teachers and TAs are planning in written and practical activities away from the computer.

Students’ attendance and involvement in online lessons is so important not only for their academic performance but for their mental health. All students should be receiving one welfare call a week and students with an EHCP will be hearing from their tutor and their keyworker.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if your son/daughter is experiencing difficulties with any of the online teaching. Thank you to a couple of parents who have had to be very resilient whilst issues were ironed out and we are appreciative of your support and patience. These things are not always a quick fix when we can’t see the technology for ourselves.

Subject Leads are discussing the curriculum provision for next year and a curriculum booklet with option choices currently being written will be shared with Year 9 students soon. Year 11 are benefitting from careers interviews with a Level 6 qualified independent advisor and making applications to 6th forms and colleges. Mrs Rees is sharing information about career webinars to support students in their thinking about their next steps.

It is positive news that more people have been vaccinated and more vaccines are being made available and we look forward to hearing some good news about a return to face to face schooling in the future.

I hope you are safe and well and have a good week.

Kind regards, Mrs Jones

CRA Values

In our whole school assembly this week, Mrs Jones talked about our 7 Cs of Resilience. Developing the skills of Confidence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping, Choice not Chance and Competence are so important and hence why we focus on these a lot in your assemblies and talk to you about them in your lessons. Before Christmas, Brooklyn Ailmore in Year 10 was awarded the Term 2 Principal's Resilience Award for Coping with significant adversity, particularly over the past year. We can all feel like it is a bit too much sometimes, and in those times we have to work on our resilience to come out the other side stronger and more informed to deal with adversity moving forwards.

Last week we saw some really encouraging attendance figures regarding our online remote learning provision. Registers are completed every lesson and staff monitor attendance and chase up any non-attendance to support where possible. Year 10 in particular had 91% remote lesson attendance last week and showed real resilience - so a particular well done to them! Some other individual remote learning stars include those featured on the poster below.


From next week the assembly rota will chance slightly.

  • Monday - Whole School Assembly
  • Tuesday - no assembly Year 7-10, Year 11 Assembly (and then fortnightly)
  • Wednesday - House assembly
  • Thursday - no assembly Year 7-11
  • Friday - House assembly

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, tutors will use this additional time to make some of their weekly welfare calls home.

Please do share this schedule with your child(ren) so they are aware of the changes.

School Governors

All schools across The Trust have Academy Scrutiny Committees which are made up of community, staff and parental representatives. Presently Charles Read has vacancies for parent governors. The role and expectations of a Governor can be found here.

The primary role of the Academy Scrutiny Committee is to provide support and challenge to the Principal in ensuring every child makes good or better progress and that the Academy is achieving targets and continually improving. To maximise the ability of the local governors to focus on this key area the Academy Scrutiny Committee is not required to set strategy or policy, manage financial resources, staff performance and pay, Health and Safety or many of the other areas traditionally associated with a maintained school governing body as these issues are dealt with at Trust level.

If you are interested in one of the roles please review and apply using the procedure document below.

Careers' Corner

Year 11 Careers Meetings

The careers interviews have been going ahead this week and have been very successful. Comments from students include things like:

This has opened up new options for me which I may not have considered before!
It was a different way of approaching my options, and something which I am very glad that I had the opportunity to take part in

Please make sure that you are ready for your appointment- you will receive an email from the school to tell you when it is, check in 5 minutes before to allow you to maximise the time that you have in your meeting, and please remember that if you are having any internet issues at all, then call the school reception and they will provide you with guidance.

Grantham College Open Evening - 26th January 2021

From 4pm to 7pm on Tuesday 26th January Our course tutors will be on hand to answer any questions you have about our courses and how to make an application for September 2021.

Our Student Mentors and Careers Adviser will also be available if you need advice on which course would be best for you.

Call us on 01476 400200 or email enquiry@grantham.ac.uk to make an appointment in advance. Don't let Lockdown limit your choices!

Year 11 would you consider a career in The British Army?

They offer industry recognised qualifications, leadership skills, competitive sports and travel. The Army Foundation College Harrogate is a route where school leavers can join age 16. Our Senior Entry is from 17yrs 1 month for any role.

Be the Best

To find out more call us on 01522 565873 or follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter.

Riseholme College - Open Event - February 9th

Subject Zoom presentations at 6pm for the February 9th event and live chat to staff throughout the event and much more for you to explore and discover. Why not take a 3D tour of the campus or watch videos from our academic staff. Click on the button below to register your place.

A copy of the prospectus can be found here.

What Would You Ask An Apprentice?

How much do you get paid…? Do you actually have a job…? Is it true you just make tea…?

Whatever the question, the National Apprenticeship Week 2021 Big Assembly is here to answer it.

From 11:10am on Tuesday 9th February, we’re introducing real apprentices and employers who are excited to answer your questions and spill the beans about apprenticeships.

There’s never been a more important time for students, teachers and parents/carers to discover and explore exciting career options.

We’d love you to join our interactive online broadcast, it only takes one minute to register and it’s completely free!

Make sure you follow us on Twitter @BigAssembly as we’ll be announcing who’s joining our panel over the next few weeks.

Greater Lincolnshire Online Jobs Fair, Monday 25th January 2021

The next Online Jobs Fair will take place on Monday 25th January 2021, 10am-1pm. It will be hosted by Victoria Atkins MP who is delivering the welcome talk. 

For support and advice, please take a look at the website or contact jobsfair@lincolnshire.gov.uk if you require help setting up a virtual stand.

Careers' Ideas

Each week we will show you examples of the various careers linked to the subject you are studying. This week’s career idea is ‘Jobs related to Geography.

Click on BBC bitesize for some useful and practical information about post 16 choices.

Watch this space for future updates concerning careers or visit the CRA website Careers Support pages.

Mrs Rees - Careers Lead

Attendance Update

We have been really proud of the lesson attendance seen by our students in their remote lessons this week.

Every lesson we are monitoring attendance and where students appear to have not joined their lessons, we are making phone calls to see what we can do to support and increase engagement.

Please remember if your child is in Year 11, on a Monday and Tuesday, their intervention groups are running period 6 and they should make sure they are in these groups in order to take full advantage of their time with their teachers building their knowledge.

We are making Tutor Group calls/welfare calls weekly to all our students and will ask to speak to your child to see how they are and how they are finding their live lessons. Please make sure that school have all the up to date contact details so we can continue to make these important tutor group calls.

Critical workers

Parents whose work is critical to the coronavirus (COVID-19) and EU transition response include those who work in health and social care and in other key sectors. Children with at least one parent or carer who is a critical worker can go to school if required. Schools can ask for simple evidence that the parent in question is a critical worker, such as their work ID badge or pay slip. Please review our previous letter for further details on the information we need.

Please can you let school know if you no longer require a critical worker place in school anymore so that we can offer that place to someone else.

Parents and carers who are critical workers should keep their children at home if they can.


Please ensure you have checked and updated your parental consents on My Child at School. There have been some recent updates including the permission to allow us to teach your children remotely via Teams if we are forced to close a bubble of students due to Coronavirus.

Coronavirus Symptoms

If you are uncertain about what actions to take when it comes to Covid symptoms and whether you should send your child to school, please review the attached letter from Public Health England, and posters below.

Miss Butcher - Attendance Manager

Live Lessons and Online Learning

PE & Dance Lessons

We have received some emails regarding PE and Dance lessons with pupils not knowing how to access the content. These are not live lessons via Teams, instead pupils have set work to complete. Please click this video link explaining how to access the remote lessons for PE and Dance (the link will only work when students are logged into their CRA Google account).

Lockdown Timetable

Please visit the CRA Website to review the current Lockdown Timetable for each year group by clicking on the link below.

Students are following an amended timetable. If there are any changes this link will be updated.

Lockdown Curriculum Map

Please visit the CRA Website to review the current Lockdown Curriculum Map. These links provide booklets and work for any student unable to access Teams live lessons. Many of them also support the work covered in their live lessons.

Student Portal - Lesson Plans

Please ensure students check their Student Portal in the "Lesson Plans" section for any work their teachers set on a daily basis.

Free RWI Phonics Lessons at Home

From Tuesday 5th January 2021, we will restart our free Read Write Inc. Phonics lessons on YouTube for children to watch at home.

One lesson at each level will show at 9.30 am each day and be available for 24 hours. Please follow the links below to access the resources:

Speed Agility Quickness Sessions

DRET are very kindly putting on some SAQ (speed agility quickness) sessions for students to take part in. The sessions are free and are being led by Harry White, an SAQ specialist. You can take part indoors or outdoors and will not require any specialist equipment.

The sessions all start at 4pm and will take place on the following days:

  • 26th January – Accumulation Circuit
  • 2nd February – Explosive Reactions
  • 9th February Random Reactions

This is a brilliant opportunity for you to take part in. Please follow this link to register if you wish to attend the sessions. You will then be sent a Microsoft Teams link.

Accessing Google Classroom on Consoles

Teams Display Picture Conduct

Please can all students make sure that the photos they have on their profile pictures which are displayed on Team meeting calls are appropriate.

House News

CRA House Bake Off

Students, Staff and their families have been busy planning their ‘Showstopper’ for this weeks House Competition, The CRA Lockdown Bake Off. This competition is open to all students, staff and family members to get involved in with 125 house points available. Participants are required to plan and bake their very own showstopper and email photos of their entry to housechampionship@charlesreadacademy.co.uk before 6pm on Sunday 24th January. Entries will be judged on skill, presentation and theme, with bonus points awarded to entries decorated in house colours.

House Lockdown Cup

Join Team CRA on our Virtual Tour of Europe by taking part in the Lockdown Cup and sending in a screenshot of your distance covered. In just under 2 weeks we have received over 200 entries from CRA students and staff and have covered the distance of travelling from CRA to Paris, then to Brussels, Amsterdam and we have now reached the capital of Germany, Berlin – 1,662km from CRA!

A fantastic start to the competition. Our Tour doesn’t stop there and we already on our way to the next destination (pictured below). Be part of our journey and get involved – Every little helps! No distance is too small and keeps building our Total!

It is really easy to get involved. Whether you go for a walk, run or go cycling between now and the return to school please email your distance, supported with a screenshot. You can enter as many times as you like (once per day) throughout the whole of lockdown.

Aqua still have the lead, however it is incredibly close as both Caeli and Terra have closed the gap to within 30km (house distances covered are shown in the image). REMEMBER this is a 500 House Point competition and your house needs your help to claim those much needed points!

Make sure you email both dretsport@dret.co.uk and housechampionship@charlesreadacademy.co.uk with a screenshot, the academy and your name to enter.

You can keep track with the progress on our Lockdown Cup ‘Tour of Europe’ via our Twitter and Instagram accounts (@CRA_HouseChamp). We will be sharing lots of fun facts along our journey!!

Weekly Family House Quiz – ‘Music Acts’

Round 3 of the weekly house quiz took place this week with a ‘catchphrase’ style picture round on Music Acts. There were 50 music acts to identify, hidden within a canvas. Results will be revealed on Monday during whole school assembly before being sent home via MCAS alongside details of the next house competitions.

There will be a new quiz for you to get involved in every Wednesday throughout lockdown. Keep an eye out for next week’s topic.

Mr Webb - Games Master


What is self-regulation?

Self-regulation is the ability to tolerate sensations, situations and distress and form appropriate responses. Simply stated, it is the ability to control emotions, thinking, behaviour and motor actions in different situations.

In children, self-regulation matures just like other developmental processes. Children get older and learn to think before they act.

How can you help a child develop self-regulation?

Here are some suggested activities to help develop self-regulation skills:

  • teach self-regulation at a young age - children develop the foundation skills for self-regulation from birth to 5 years old.
  • demonstrate and model proper behaviours - this allows children to observe how to choose an appropriate response in different situations. Partner children who lack self-regulation with children who exhibit better self-control to act as role models.
  • help children to regulate their attention by providing hints and cues by verbally and/or physically pointing out important aspects of an academic or physical activity.
  • provide verbal or physical cues to help children to self-regulate their emotions such as “let’s stay calm” or allowing a child to go to a quiet area to relax.
  • Continually monitor children to determine when adult support can be withdrawn so that the children can learn to be independent in their responses play games that require start and stop skills such as: Red Light - Green Light, Freeze Dance, Simon Says, etc.
  • participate in dance activities where the child needs to move to the rhythm.
  • play any games that require turn taking.
  • Ask an occupational or physical therapist if you have questions about the most appropriate activities for a specific child.

Why is it important?

Research indicates that self-regulation in children is a predictor of academic abilities. Children with higher levels of self-regulation have achieved higher scores in reading, vocabulary and math. In addition, some research has shown that the ability for young children to self-regulate is associated with higher, future education levels.

The Virtual School Library

Welcome to the Virtual School Library, brought you by Oak National Academy in partnership with the National Literacy Trust.

Every week a popular children's author or illustrator will provide you with free books, exclusive videos and their top three recommended reads.

Having access to a school library is really important for children. School libraries nurture a love of reading that can enrich children’s literacy skills, academic achievements and mental wellbeing. Our Virtual School Library will complement existing school libraries and will ensure that children have access to the magical world of stories all year round, whether they are learning at school or at home.

We’ve worked with brilliant publishers and inspiring authors and illustrators to ensure that the books and activities in our Virtual School Library will support children’s wellbeing through reading.

Please visit the Virtual School Library for more information

Hegarty Maths

It’s the start of a new year and it’s at this time, we sometime make a new year resolution on things that we want to improve on for the year ahead.

It is with this in mind that we are setting the students at CRA a challenge to ensure that they are completing their Hegarty tasks to the high standards we require in the maths department. SO for the year ahead we want students to be doing the following when they are completing their Hegarty Tasks:

  • Watch the video all the way through before attempting the questions and making notes on some of the examples.
  • Use your orange exercise books for working out the answers to the questions. Making sure you are setting all your work out as you would do in class.
  • If you don’t get green go back and reattempt the questions making sure you are watching the video again to help.
  • If you are really struggling with the work being set, ask your class teacher for help before the homework deadline.

Remember that Hegarty Maths is an important tool that we use to make sure your learning becomes permanent and help you become confident and competent mathematicians.


Tassomai’s founder Murray Morrison is running a training webinars on Thursday 28th January 12pm - 1pm to support parents who are using Tassomai during lockdown.

In this free webinar Murray will share his lockdown learning tips for homeschooling parents.

Murray will look at how parents can help their child get the most out of Tassomai. He will demonstrate how to use tools like the Tree to identify knowledge gaps and put together a sustainable, realistic study plan to help families through the next few weeks of lockdown.

There will also be an opportunity at the end for parents to ask Murray questions about Tassomai and about homeschooling in general.

Mr Drumm - Assistant Principal

Table Talk

John C Maxwell is an American author who has written about how to be a good leader amongst other things. This quote relates well to the topic of one of our house assemblies this week which was on the importance of having a good routine that works for you and allows you to progress in your learning as well as support your mental wellbeing.

We would love you as a family to take a moment to reflect on how you have adapted your individual and family routines over the past three weeks to support you working more productively at home and discuss what works best for you.

Word of the Week

Poly: many (Greek word root)

Polygon a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more.

Polypeptide a linear organic polymer consisting of a large number of amino-acid residues bonded together in a chain, forming part of (or the whole of) a protein molecule.

Polytheism the belief in or worship of more than one god.

Week commencing 25th January

Times Tables

At the end of all lessons students stand behind their chairs in silence to prepare for themselves for the next lesson. From September, on a weekly rota, Years 7 and 8 will be reciting their timetables to help embed them in their long term memory.

Week commencing 25th January - 7 times table

Accelerated Reader

Week commencing 25th January during period 3

Year 11 Focus

As you will be aware Ofqual have not yet given explicit details about how you be awarded your GCSE qualifications. It is clear that the Government is favouring some sort of assessment, although this is under consolation. It is therefore important to attend all your lessons, your my tutor sessions, your Monday and Tuesday intervention sessions and any other support that is offered. The more revision you do and the more that you can probe that you are learning then the better grade you will get.

To support you, we are going to start fortnightly year 11 assemblies, just to keep you motivated and give you any information as it becomes available. If you do have any questions or concerns, please contact your tutors or me immediately.

Keep up your good work. We all realise how hard this is for you and are really proud of how well you are doing.

Mr Young - Raising Standards Lead

Teen Support

We have addressed anxiety in our assemblies talking to all students about what they can do themselves if they are feeling anxious, but we wanted to share some support for you as parents/carers also. If your child is experiencing high levels of anxiety, it can be worrying for you as a parent or carer. We hope this booklet will help you understand anxiety more clearly and begin to address it. There are many ways to help your child – and you – to deal with this common but distressing experience.

Internet Safety Live Stream Event for Parents & Carers

Message from Lincolnshire Stay Safe Partnership

Helping our children use the internet safely has never been more important. To help parents and carers support their children to enjoy all the benefits the online world has to offer, the Lincolnshire Safeguarding Children Partnership and the Stay Safe Partnership would like to invite parents and carers to our first live stream events about online safety on 21st January 2021.

These two live-streamed events will give you information on some of the risks that we teach children in Lincolnshire about and how you can manage their use of technology at home. The sessions will start at 12:20pm and 7:30pm and will be available to view on the LSCP YouTube channel once they have ended. Come and join us next week:

After the event, we will be asking parents and carers to give some feedback to help us understand what we can do to help in the future - Feedback form

Lockdown Opportunities

Ball Mastery

We have another really exciting opportunity coming up, provided by DRET, that starts on the 16th January and runs every Saturday until 13th February. The sessions will be based around ball mastery and will be led by legend Dan Magness. The sessions are free to attend, will be done via Microsoft Teams and all you'll need is a football and some space.

To sign-up for these sessions you will need to follow the link

DRET Lockdown Cup

We’re delighted to announce the first ever (and hopefully last) DRET Lockdown Cup, for all staff and students to take part in throughout lockdown (primary and secondary).

The Cup will be awarded to the school which covers the highest number of kilometres during the lockdown by cycling, walking or running, and also and award for the highest average Km’s covered per person (based on school role and staff numbers).

Medals will be awarded to the highest individuals each month and we’ll also give the winning school an Under Armour team strip for a school Rugby, Hockey, Netball or Football team.

Scores can start being submitted from this Saturday (9th January) and all the rules and details are below - please email your submissions to both dretsport@dret.co.uk & housechampionship@charlesreadacademy.co.uk

Please use the #DRETLockdownCup on social media.

Dates for your diary

Please click on the parent calendar to see the full list of upcoming events and activities at CRA


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