The main issue we aim to focus on is the public reception of the Arts Barge project. During our discussion as a group we found that many of the potential problems that the barge faces link back the publics views. As the barge itself is going to be a new development built with the community in mind it is important to consider the audiences in York and how best to target them through digital means.

While considering the possible solutions to help promote the Arts Barge project as one of the main arts facilities for the community of York, it became apparent that the barge has a few key audiences currently; the younger generation, targeted through arts and crafts activities, the older generations who come for the music on an evening at events and people who will continue to attend arts therapy. We propose to continue targeting these audiences, as well as target a relatively new audience by inviting in developing artists in York, who would be able to have a mutually beneficial relationship with the Arts Barge project. This would be achieved through allowing their art to be exhibited in an accessible public location which in turn would raise interest for the Arts Barge.

In order to target these audiences we have been working on improving the web presence for the Arts Barge project, working on an online gallery and redesigning some of the website to be user friendly and accessible to all audiences giving a modern feel to the project while also retaining current values.


Art Gallery Concept's
The Barge Gallery -

The digital art gallery will contain images and links to videos depicting both the past success of the project along with some indication of current and more recent events. The gallery itself is to be available online for anybody to view and as such should allow the project to reach as wide an audience as possible. Our group proposes that the gallery would be regularly updated to encompass recent work while not displaying all of the events currently in progress as this would help encourage the community in York to visit the barge themselves and see the art that is presented in person, as would be promoted through links to current events pages. This galery would also be capable of displaying work that is submitted to the Arts Barge project by the developing artists that we hope to target, meaning that those who have their work represented on the barge could also have their work viewed by a much larger audience.

In the background of the gallery we also propose to play music that has been composed either for the Arts barge or that of the bands currently supporting the Arts barge. This would help to make he gallery more engaging to the audience while also allowing the Arts Barge project to increase awareness of the bands that are currently supporting and helping to fund the project.


Website Design - Computer
Intention of Design -

The idea behind the website design is to provide a simple and easy-to-use interface for all audiences to interact with. The iconic banner for the ArtsBarge and photographs of the barge itself will become apparent to viewers to give an immediate impression of what the ArtsBarge art centre is and the location. The white text on a black panel enables the menu to be easily seen regardless of eyesight and easy to use for anyone who is less familiar with computer technology.

The blogs and calendar are the primary features, displaying recent news and dates of any immediate future events. In the margins on the side of the website is a list of sponsors and supporters of the Arts Barge project, giving a sense of authenticity in addition to popularity. Below our custom banner are posters of events described from the calendar, each image will be a hyper-link for immediate access to the relevant pages or through the menu bar.

To the side is the least priority yet still important social media widgets. Example of Twitter and Facebook messages will give awareness to external social media presence, whether they are from ArtsBarge employees or supporters. Access to other social media is provided with obvious icons below the banner at the top of the age.

Banner Design - ARTHUR Corner

New Banner Design
The Banner Design

As part of our effort to develop the web presence of the project we have also worked on an alternative banner design that could be used by the project in conjunction with the current art. The use of these two banners will give some variation in order to keep the websites appealing, while also being clear and concise. By utilising the banners on each of the web pages used, including social media sites such as Facebook, it is possible to also better unify the pages. This would make the pages more easily recognisable at a glance while also helping to make the project more memorable.

In order to portray the Arts Barge project and the values it currently has Arthur has included some of his own art style mixed with some aspects of other styles in order to convey the 'homespun' feel that the project currently has in hopes of keeping it suitable for the audience of the general community in York. Within the banner the icons used are that of two of the major landmarks within York representing the physical location of the barge in a manner that the community will associate the barge with, along side these in the banner there is a general water theme with musical notes running throughout. This helps to give form to the ideals of the Arts Barge project as becoming a floating community arts centre. In addition, the banner also includes a variant of the current Arts Barge project logo, featuring the anchor and flag with he text in a general boat shape, which is used to represent the project and allow for identification as we didn't want to change the logo from it's current state as we agree with the symbolism used.



Photos credit to The Arts Barge Project and IconFinder

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