Energy in collisions by Raghav

Types of energy

The 3 main types of energy are kinetic energy, potential energy, and gravitational energy. Potential energy is when energy is stored up in an object, while kinetic energy is energy in motion. Gravitational energy is when gravity can effect collisions and other energy related thing. There is also other types of energy, such as heat, sound, etc.

Energy in a collision

When 2 cars collide, the energy from one car transfers to the other car. Both car's kinetic energy cause a big wreck. We tested 2 cars colliding in class, both cars hit and it caused both of them to spin out of control.

Weight affecting energy

When a car has more weight, the car has more kinetic energy, so it will go faster than the other car. Weight can also effect a car because it will make the car bounce back and flip over. We tested 2 cars colliding in class, one car was heavier, so when it collided, the car with more weight flipped over, while the car with much less weight bounced back and rolled back really far.

Modifications to our car

Our car

We added some fenders to the side of the car, then we added bumpers at the front and back of the car. We also added a rubber tire seat for the egg. Last but not least, we added a protective box around our car. We decided that it would provide maximum safety, because we checked our science notes.

Our results

The egg

The egg flew out of the car and cracked. When we saw the egg video, we saw that the egg flew out from the side of the car. The egg landed with its rubber tire seat absorbing some impact, so it only had a hairline crack.


We think that we should add a better front bumper, so that it could absorb more energy in the collision. Our other future improvement is to add bigger side fenders so that the egg doesn't fly out.

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