Features of the Media Center The hidden gem of cghs

Library Manager Angie Cox

The CGHS media center has made changes over the summer that are sure to please students. "The biggest new feature of the library is that it's more relaxed," says library manager Angie Cox. "If you have homework, do your homework. If you don't have homework and you need to relax for a little bit, we're going to try to show some movies on Fridays. I have coloring books, games, and stuff like that. Just relax, but behave."

This message board is just one example of the welcoming environment of the media center.
Cafe Manager Elaina Cisneros

An exciting new addition to Center Grove is the cafe, which is back after being open for only a few weeks last school year. Equipped with a new cafe manager, Elaina Cisneros, the coffee shop is ready to stay open for good. "You can come down during the hours of 7:00 to 1:00 in between passing periods, during your study hall and during your lunch. But, you cannot come down and purchase anything during instructional classes," she says. Students use the coffee shop to fuel up with food and drinks. "We have coffee, tea, iced tea, iced coffee, donuts, a variety of cookies, Naked juices, sparkling drinks, Tropicana juices, PopTarts, fresh fruit, and more." As if all of these delicacies weren't enough, there will be more soon. According to Cisneros, "We'll be introducing smoothies sooner than later, we're just not exactly sure when."

The Cafe
The Coffee Shop menu, featuring both bottled drinks and cafe drinks.
It is easy to see that the media center is not your traditional library. Filled with many kinds of alternative seating, it provides a study space that is compatible with the varying learning styles of CGHS students.
Students are able to work near windows and natural lighting, which is often not the case in traditional classrooms.

However, there is a change from last year's seating. The media center staff now asks that you reserve the corner booths. "The corner booths have QR codes and we want you to reserve them so that we have a name on them," Cox said. "This way, we have a name on them and you're responsible for your actions."

Students Nate Lindsay '20 and Koby Pyra '20 utilize the corner booths to study.
Meeting room in the media center

A lesser known feature of the media center is the meeting rooms. "The administration uses them a lot, and they're going to get booked for presentations and things like that," Cox said. However, the meeting rooms are also used by students. "The meeting rooms for kids are mainly used as quiet spaces. If you need a quiet space to study, we can put you in the meeting rooms," Cox said.

Women's Restroom

The restrooms in the media center are a feature that students may not know about. Situated in the corner of the media center, they save students the hassle of signing out and walking to another restroom in the building. Cox does have one concern, however. "The back hallway is not an escape route; don't try to sneak out because I can see the front door from here."

Men's Restroom
Global Campus Sign-in

Global Campus is a unique opportunity offered by CGHS, mainly based in the media center. "Global Campus is basically a virtual school," Global Campus advisor Tim Gray said. "We have about six classes during the school year that are offered completely online." Global Campus students are able to utilize the media center as a modernized classroom during their online course. According to Gray, "Students have a Global Campus period and they come into the media center, check in using their ID cards and they work on their Global Campus courses." Students like the self-paced courses that don't have quite the amount of pressure of a traditional classroom. "Global Campus is cool because it allows me to do the class with friends to better understand the work. It also helps me to be responsible with my other classes because I have to get work done without anyone telling me," Global Campus student Camryn Silva said.

Global Campus Advisor Tim Gray
Seating in the ChromeLab

The ChromeLab in the media center is filled with technology that is utilized by both staff and students. Even Global Campus students are beginning to use the ChromeLab. According to Cox, "We're having a lot more teachers use the ChromeLab. A lot of kids go in there to study; we've had students get HDMI cables and do some of their work up on the screens."

Tables in the ChromeLab, which have screens to project work onto.

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