The Alchemist By DYlan FRey

Though every person may have their own personal legend its their choices that actually get them there. Such as Vincent van gogh cutting a piece of his ear off which led him to his most known painting the starry night. Or such as a song by Will Smith The fresh prince of bell air that lasted decades with one major hit that can relate to the alchemist and a little boy trying to survive by making the smartest choices he can in prisoner b-3087.

Detail #1 Vincent van gogh has had his time for fame but not only that but what makes him so remembered isn't just his famous painting the starry night but also when he made the "sweet" gesture of cutting off his ear for a, wicked women. After cutting his ear people called him crazy leading up to the starry night.

" Here I am between my flock and my treasure... He had to choose between something hes become accustom to and something he wanted to have. This quote and Vincent van gogh are relating through a hard decision and making a hard choice. They booth chose one path and the both became one step closer to their personal legend.

From Will smith and his reality show the fresh prince of bell-air came a theme song relating to making little choices can lead you one step closer to your personal legend.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” (23) This quote helps us rap our mind around the little things that happen in our life making it all fall in place, like a puzzle. In the song it shows him having a streak of bad luck which led him to his true personal legend.

In Prisoner B-3087 the main character Yanek Grunerhas has to make many choices to make sure he makes it out alive. In this book Yanek Grunerhas is a young Jewish boy who is raised in a unfortunate time in ww2. He gets taken to a concentration camp and is forced to make important decisions to make it out alive.

"He is going to turn himself into wind... and if he fails to do so you can humbly take our lives" This quote is related greatly to Prisoner B-3087 because both children ave to focus very hard and long to lead up to survive, so they can reach their personal legends

Not only are these three sorces of choices leading up to personallegend. So before you think your haveing a bad day or your having a bad run of luck just remember that everything is leading towards your personal legend


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