Rakesh Naguri DIRECTOR | Cinematographer | VFX ARTIST

Hi! I'm Rakesh Naguri. I write and direct stuff for the internet, mostly. I make content at Boomerang Studios. I am also a visual effects supervisor. Occasionally a producer, cinematographer, marketing manager, a prop maker, costumer and the on-set special effects guy. You will find some of my work here and the others spread across the world wide web.

Personal Work Reel

Learn more about each shot in the video's description.

Freelance Work

A few VFX (Cleanup) breakdown shots from "Autumn by Brandon Banks"
"Wilmas" Poster
"Wilmas" Poster - Side by Side comparison between raw file and final render

Poster layer breakdown of "Wilmas" a film by Alejandra G. - Poster Design (Coming Soon)

A frame grab from "MYUSERNAMEIS JULIE" [Episode 1: Happy birthday, Julie!] (2019) - Cinematography
"Remedy by Ehnara" Music Video (2018) - Cinematography (credited as)
Stills from "The Date" Short Film (2018) - End Credits Sequence (credited as)
Montgomery Hill (2019) - Producer | Cinematographer (credited as)
Street Photography

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Work at Boomerang Studios

Email: rakesh@boomerangstudios.net

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