Rakesh Naguri Director | Cinematographer | VFX supervisor

Hi! I'm Rakesh Naguri. I write, produce and direct stuff for the internet, mostly. I make content at Boomerang Studios. I am also a visual effects supervisor and do my own VFX out of necessity. You will find some of my work here and the others spread across the world wide web.

Personal Work(Directing+Cinematography) Reel 2018

Learn more about each shot in the video's description.

Freelance Work

Visual Effects

I do boom/object removals, chroma keying, rotoscoping, match moving and basically anything you can think of that do not involve dragons and sort.

A few VFX (Cleanup) breakdown shots from "Autumn by Brandon Banks" [Client: R&R Digital] - Visual Effects Artist

VFX cleanup, volumetric light effects and rotoscoping work on SOBER directed by Jacqui Casey - Visual Effects Artist

before and afters of some of the fx shots from SOBER
VFX (Cleanup) multiple shots of LAV Removal on My Brother's Keeper [Client: Rodney Lucas]

Poster Design

"Wilmas" Poster [Client: Alejandra Guzman]
"Wilmas" Poster - Side by Side comparison between raw file, layer breakdown and final render
Concept/Pre-Production Poster for "Entropie" [Client: Christina Harris]


Host and Creator of The Boomerang Show

Frame grabs from Joshua Gonzales' "Scent" commercial - Cinematography
A frame grab from "MYUSERNAMEIS JULIE" [Episode 1: Happy birthday, Julie!] (2019) - Cinematography
Frame grab from "Remedy by Ehnara" Music Video (2018) - Cinematography [Dir: Joseph Kee]
Cinematography [Client: Mariana Lizette Garcia]
Montgomery Hill (2019) - Cinematography (credited as)

WHY CSUN: Interview Series (2019 -2020)

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Work at Boomerang Studios

This is a scene excerpt from the in-development "Aberration: The Series". It explain the reasons behind the fight from "Boomerang Studios' The Asset" Short.
Director | Cinematographer | Editor
  • Boomerang Studios' Freaks (Pre-Production)
Producer | Director | Cinematographer
Director | Cinematographer
  • Boomerang's Codenamed Bob (Short film | 2016)
  • Back To the Future Tribute (Video | 2015)
  • Learn How to in a Minute s01 (7 Episodes | 2015 - 2017)
  • The Secret Apprentice (Short film | 2015)
  • Cliffhanger (3 episode mini series | 2015)
  • Echoes of the Past (Short film | 2014)
  • Freaks (2014)
  • Infinite (2013)
  • Wild Force (2009)

Email: rakesh@boomerangstudios.net

Use Visual Effects to tell a story. Tell a story using Visual Effects. - If you know the difference, contact me.

*All the artwork including and not limited to logos, graphic design, photographs, still frames and thereof are created by Rakesh Naguri. Unless stated otherwise.

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