Good Life Tour of the Harn By tony sperduto

Dancing Ganesh

The Dancing Ganesh is a 13th century black stone sculpture from India. Ganesh is the son of the Hindu god Shiva and is know as the "finder of the way." This sculpture attracted my eye right away. It is amazing to see a piece of art from such a long time ago. It was probably sitting in front of a Hindu temple in the 13th century and it is now in front of me. I felt like I was there at the temple. The Dancing Ganesh is a great addition to the museum being a symbol of finding the way. Now if I ever see this sculpture in the future at a temple or in someone's home, I will know the symbolism behind the god.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

The David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing was by far the most beautiful section of the Harn Museum. The high wood ceiling and wood floor made the room feel very large and inviting. All of the artwork was off to the side except are a couple of large stone looking pieces on the floor. The back of room is a wall of windows that look out onto a beautiful area with lots of trees and greenery. The room made me feel intrigued to see what artworks were located in the area. All the pieces were interesting and real completed the room. The lighting of the room also contributed to the feel of the room. The natural light coming in from the windows reflecting off the wood floors created a natural look that made the room even more beautiful.

Scenographer's Mind VIII

The is a picture of a women by Eija-Liisa Ahhtila, the core value shown is work/life balance. The woman is acting as a mother as well as working as an architect. Instead of only focusing on her work, she decides to multitask and give her baby attention. This core value is one that will be most important to me in my future. When I have children, I do not want to miss out on their lives doing work related stuff that does not matter compared to my family. This picture made me think how it may be a hard task to do both; working hard to support my family and be there form my family at the times they need me and to spend time together.

Japan Series: Kyoto

In this photo by Charles W. Bartlett, a family looks like they are traveling or going somewhere together. This represents the theme of sharing the good life. We see one of the adults is holding the hand of a child. The parents are spending time with there children are giving the a good life. The relationships that they make help contribute to a better life with having a family that is loving and caring. The children can take this to the future life when they have children which will immensely make there lives more enjoyable. No one wants to have conflict with there family. It is the hard and most extreme and can break ruin peoples lives and inhibit the journey to the good life.

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