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It is hard for us to take in how lucky we really are. While some may be less fortunate, many U.S. Americans do not live in poverty. We have roofs over our heads, clean water, clothing, education, and enough food. Worldwide, about 1 billion children suffer from poverty. This mass amount is upsetting to think about. Could you help support at least one child?

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While about 1 billion children live in poverty (1 of 5 children) around 70 million are not able to get an education. Many U.S. citizens are able to access a well managed school. Have you ever wanted to stay home from school, "just because"? These children would have loved to take your place. Think of all these kids who won't be able to grow up as educated, think of their disadvantages. Not only do many children not have access to good schooling, but a mass amount also have unfortunate health frailties. 1 in 10 people do not have access to safe water. Every 10 seconds, a child dies from hunger. It is a sad matter, but fortunately there are ways to support these kids.

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Sponsoring a child is more than supporting them with money. Sponsorship lets a child knows that someone is looking out for them. They also have a pen pal, they have someone to talk to. You get to know the children you sponsor through pictures and letters and watch them grow. Sponsoring covers water, food, education, health care, and more. When you sponsor a child, you make a difference in their life.

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When you sponsor, it may also profit the community. It may contribute to the poor conditions many people have to live in.

For around $35 a month (barely over a dollar a day), you make a difference in these children's lifestyles. This is less than the average cell phone bill. I know of a 7th grade girl who sponsors 7 children. Any money she receives likely goes to sponsoring . If she can sponsor 7, maybe you could contribute to at least one.

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