MELANIE MARTINEZ Live Music Hall ° Cologne, Germany ° 09/11/2016

Hier ein paar Fotos von Melanie Martinez in der Live Music Hall in Köln am 09. November 2016.

They call me Crybaby
D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E - I see things that nobody else sees.
All the makeup in the world, won't make you less insecure
Why did you steal my cotton candy heart?
You can crush my candy cane but you’ll never catch me cry
Guess I better wash my mouth out with soap
I'm laughing, I'm crying, It feels like I'm dying
I love everything you do, when you call me fucking dumb for the stupid shit I do
I'm fucking crazy, need my prescription filled
Sing you a lullaby where you die at the end
Teddy bear, you were my teddy bear. Everything was so sweet until you tried to kill me.
Stitched you up, put you together with cotton and feather
Pacify her, she’s getting on my nerves
If you weren't born with it you can buy a couple ornaments
Hey girl if you wanna feel sexual you can always call up a professional. They stick pins in you like a vegetable.
You can be Alice, I’ll be the mad hatter.
So what if I'm crazy? The best people are.
I’m not a piece of cake for you to just discard
If I am just a piece of cake then, you’re just a piece of meat


  • Cry Baby
  • Dollhouse
  • Sippy Cup
  • Carousel
  • Alphabet Boy
  • Soap
  • Training Wheels
  • Pity Party
  • Teddy Bear
  • Tag, You're It
  • Milk and Cookies
  • Pacify Her
  • Mrs. Potato Head
  • Mad Hatter
  • Cake

Photos by Sarina -


Photos by Sarina -

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