The Seven Countries War A Coalition of Horrors

The Seven Years War (1756-1763)

The Seven Years’ War (1756-63) was a shocking trial of blood and iron. Scaling at the lowest estimated casualties for the war at 900,000, As you may or may not know, The Seven Years’ War comprised of Britain and France's naval battles, and an up-hill battle between lonely Prussia, and Saxony, Russia, France, Austria, and Sweden.

Mist Before the Storm

It all began when Austria was attempting to regain Silesia from Prussia during the war of Austrian Succession. Frederick II, the monarch of Prussia envisioned an incoming rally from Saxony and Austria. Frederick II made quick work of the weak Saxony-Austria forces with disciplined and efficient infantry tactics. Awakened, Russia, France, and Sweden formed a coalition with Austria and Saxony.

The Battle Begins

Prussia was required to defend from multiple fronts, having such a disadvantage in nation count and even in military size, as of 1740 the Prussian army comprised of 60,000 soldiers. At first Frederick II’s easily won the Battle of Leuthen (1757) and the Battle of Rossbach (1757). Followed by the bloody Battle of Zorndorf (1758) both sides had more than 30% casualties. In the great words of Frederick II, “It’s easier to kill these Russians than to defeat them”.


British-French naval battles grew more and more intense as time bent on. It began with a dispossession of the island of Minorca to the French, Following afterwards, The Battle of Minden (1759) occurred, involving British and Hanoverian infantry battling French cavalry victoriously in an offensive play by foot soldiers against mounted forces.

Salvation from Destruction

The Prussian’s horror ended in 1763, when Russia, Sweden, Saxony, and France withdrew, then a peace treaty involving Austria and Britain-France relations. The war revealed Prussia and Russia might, but none are as shining as Britain’s naval power. In my opinion made Frederick II possibly one of the greatest military leaders.

Rip in Peace Prussia


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