Jason Bourne

Author: Robert Ludlum

Date: February 1980

Robert Ludlum was an American author of 27 thriller novels, but before he was an author he was in the united states marines he was born may 27 1927 and he and and died 2001 in Naples Florida.

The main character in this book is Jason bourne he was an assassin for the government, he was trained for martial arts and how to deal with great amounts of pain and work through it to complete what his objective was or is.

a brief summery of the book is that Jason Bourne was givin an objective to assassinate a government official that was trying to expose the FBI for being ridged, so Jason was about to shoot him but something happened but ill leave that up to you guys to read, and he woke up on a fishing boat and he had lost all of his memory. Through out the whole book he was trying to find out who he was and while doing that he had ran into a lot of obstetrical in the way to find out who he is.

One thing I liked about the authors writing is that he was very detailed about all of the parts where they were fighting.

There wasn't anything that i can think of the i disliked about how the authors writing

the theme of this book was was be persistent and to never give up no matter what happens and no matter how many things you need to over come.

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