Physics/EE Department Makerspace at The University of Scranton

A point of pride in our department is its great sense of community. However, the department lacked a space for students to access electronics parts, components, controllers, sensors, etc. for use in creative projects inside and outside the classroom.

Initial funding for the creation of a Department Makerspace comes from a generous donation from Ed ’61 and Margaret Hayes, who have committed multi-year funding to the department. Each year, the department has access to funds to be used on special equipment with one of Ed’s priorities being that he would like students to have access to electronic parts outside the classroom to spark their creativity. Ed is a 1961 graduate of the Electronics Program, which evolved into the current Electrical Engineering Program.

Workspaces are accessible and available to every student in the department to collaborate on electronics projects inside and outside the classroom with all the necessary tools in one location.

All necessary tools of the trade are available in the makerspace including hardware like function generators, power supplies, soldering stations, oscilloscopes, etc.

Basic circuit components like resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, and IC chips like quad comparators, H-bridges, 555 timers, etc. are available as well

Various robotics components, motors, and hardware are available and more will be stocked as the needs of the students are better understood

Several varieties of modern micro-controllers are available including the Arduino Uno, the Beaglebone, and the Raspberry Pi.

Many computer workstations are avialble for student use including some with operating systems Windows, MAC OSX, and Linux

A Raspberry Pi Model 3 workstation is included running the latest version of Raspian.

Students also have access to one of the department's 3D printers and various different printing filament for use in their projects

Students will work on their projects and administer the space themselves. The makerspace will give our students the opportunity to experiment with building things outside the classroom and hopefully spark their creativity.

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